Take A Virtual Tour In A Health And Wellness Coworking Space In Makati

2/13/2018 | By JC Calvo


A 360 Virtual Tour Of KMC Solutions 5TH FLOOR V Corporate Centre In Makati City

Aiming to provide clients with a better experience and understanding of its newest flexible office space in Makati, KMC Solutions unveils a 360 virtual tour of 5th Floor V Corporate Centre Makati - Philippines' largest Coworking and Serviced Office.

The 360 Virtual Tour of the facility gives the viewers an immersive experience that allows them to tour the facility from the comfort of their smartphones or computers. Upon opening the link, viewers arrive at the reception area of the office. From there, a scroll-through menu at the bottom of the window allows the viewer to select a facility they wish to see. A floor layout of the office is also provided for an overall view of the facilities.

Aside from the regular 360-degree view function, there are additional features in the tour that help create a better immersive experience. Blue hotspots found in selected areas provide additional information about the facility when clicked. In addition to this, The Multi-Function Room page features a switch feature that transforms the room into a Yoga Studio to showcase its flexibility.

KMC Solutions is committed to providing the best customer experience and this tour is part of that campaign. Virtual Reality is a growing trend in 2017 and the Real Estate industry definitely benefits from this technology. As a company that continuously supports new technology and innovation, the virtual tour of V Corporate Centre hits two birds with one stone. It does not only give a more immersive and seamless experience for customers to view the facility, but it also allows KMC to integrate new innovation in the industry.

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