Benefits of Remote Work: Company & Employee

12/13/2021 | By Marella Gimenez

Benefits of remote work

Over the past two years, there have been drastic changes in workplace conditions and expectations because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to several social distancing protocols worldwide, physical interactions were limited. Many industries needed to devise a new way to continue their operations amidst the health crisis.

Some countries adopted full-on remote working, while others proceeded with the hybrid workplace setup. As the world fights the pandemic, the debate on the workplaces' "new normal" continues. Many reports suggest that distance working is both the present and future of business.

Remote Work as the New Norm

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to send their employees home for them to work remotely. They shifted from the traditional workplace setup to what many people consider the new norm. The transition happened very quickly because of the circumstances brought about by the health crisis.

The pandemic made companies realize the importance of working sustainably. While some businesses wish to return to their old habits, others choose to be progressive. Remote working is not only a band-aid solution to the problem that the world is still facing at the moment. It is an opportunity that companies should grab all while it is hot.

Remote work as the new norm addresses not only the social distancing responsibility that we all still have. It comes with several advantages in the business world. If only companies know how to realize its potential, it can benefit them more in the long run. It equates to less office space, a greater focus for workers, fewer business trips, less commute, and shorter breaks.

Experts say that remote working will be the new normal because of the flexibility that it offers. Not only does it trim down the cost for the companies, but it also reduces employee stress from the hassle of going to the office or home. More than anything, remote work also allows employer to gauge their applicants better. Since it is distance working, applications from around the globe could work as long as they meet the company standards.

KMC Solutions is one of the best options when it comes to adapting virtual spaces. The company believes that we should learn from the pandemic and use our experiences to make sustainable workplaces possible. If you wish to permit higher productivity and workplace flexibility in your business, opening yourself to new options can help. While remote work had its big moment due to the pandemic, we cannot deny that the workplace shift was bound to happen anyway.

With continuous technological advancements, more workplace opportunities surface. Many companies now perform better in sales because of the internet. Through different media platforms, businesses around the world can better connect with their consumers. However, shifting can be difficult.

Fortunately, KMC Solutions is with you every step of the way. The company offers co-working spaces, private office spaces, and virtual spaces. You can get them customized for your business. With their virtual teams and productivity space alternatives, you can bring your company to greater heights with more ease.

Three Main Advantages of Remote Work

1. Less expensive and more environment-friendly

In the traditional setup, many workers commute daily from their homes to their respective offices. They have to travel from one point to another before they can get their work done. This kind of routine is one of the reasons why many businesses cannot reach maximum productivity in their operations. Instead of using all these hours and dollars in doing work responsibilities, employees spend it on waiting.

Not only does commuting take some of their budgets, but it is also not good for the environment. Whether the employees take their private vehicles or ride the bus, it still consumes energy. The main concern here is that a lot of resources go to waste because of the setup. Meanwhile, the employee can save up in terms of money and energy through remote work. They can do their job anywhere they want, such as in the comforts of their homes.

Similarly, business owners can also trim down their expenses. The employer does not have to worry about travel cost reimbursements and other additional costs such as electricity because of remote work. Of course, the setup would require an investment at the start of the shift. The employer would have to provide their workers with all the necessary tools. Nevertheless, these expenses will pay off in the long run.

2. More productive due to fewer distractions

There are many distractions in physical workplace offices, such as casual phone calls, unimportant meetings, office gossip, and more. When these interruptions arise, employees fail to reach their target productivity. Instead of putting all their attention to work responsibilities, they sometimes use it to attend to these distractions.

Through remote work, employees can avoid these kinds of problems. As long as their household chores and pets would not get in the way, they can be more productive at work. Apart from distractions, workers can entertain flexible schedules when they work remotely.

They do not have to follow a standard routine. Employees can work more freely. They can get more work done since they can attend to their responsibilities in the hours where they feel most productive. However, businesses should know that time management issues might arise when employees work remotely. Hence, they should consider action steps such as providing time management courses and coaching. Through this, companies can ensure productivity in their business operations without compromising turnaround time.

3. Remote career as the new normal

One of the benefits of remote work is that it does not have any geographic limit. Through distance working, the employer can hire talents from around the globe. Businesses can now recruit applicants that they think are perfect for the job, no matter where they are. Many contracts do not proceed often due to conflicts in place of residence and work. Fortunately, moving forward with a remote career can bridge the gap between these two.

People should not be afraid of changes. We have to keep up with technological advancements anyway. If remote work can help you reach your company's goal as much as the traditional setup can, then you should at least entertain the idea.

Benefits of Remote Work

To the company

  • Higher Productivity: Many studies and reports show that remote work increases company productivity and efficiency. Since a talent can have more freedom in their work responsibilities, they can perform better and produce more output on time. Lower absenteeism rate is also one of the benefits.
  • Performance: As mentioned, the freedom employees and teams get from their remote career helps them produce better results. Their location independence allows them to work in their comfort zones where they are most productive.
  • Engagement: Distance working helps address absenteeism issues. Since employees work with flexible schedules, they are more engaged in their responsibilities.
  • Improved Retention: Employees and teams are more likely to stay in a company if the business prioritizes their well-being. Remote work allows a company culture that respects everyone's pace without compromising operations. Hence, many people say that working remotely helps them develop a higher affinity to their jobs. If you wish to improve flexibility in your company, check out KMC Solutions' flex. It is centered on making more dynamic spaces for the changing world. Thus, it can help provide better retention.

To the employee

  • Better work-life balance: Through remote career, an employee can work on their chosen hours. They do not have to follow a standard routine. Hence, they can enjoy life and work at the same time on their own terms. In simple terms, they would have better management.
  • Flexible time: One of its benefits is flexible work hours. Employees no longer have to worry about work-life balance issues because they can perform their jobs based on their schedule.
  • No wasted resources: The workforce can save money and time since remote work does not require commuting. They can spend these resources more productively as long as they observe proper time management.
  • Location independence: People with a remote career can work anywhere they want. As long as they can submit their outputs on time, it does not matter where they do it. Hence, they can travel all while fulfilling their jobs. KMC Solutions can attest to this. Their employees and clients interact together in 20 different locations.
  • Inclusive environment: Working remotely does not require proximity of residence to office. Hence, companies can hire talent from different places. Through this, a more inclusive environment is formed due to acceptance of diverse cultures.


Although the COVID-19 health crisis has become the driving factor for the shift to remote working, it was bound to happen anyway. As we develop technology, we should also modernize. Keeping up with the changes in our environment can help us be our most productive selves. Locking ourselves in the past cannot help us grow, especially in the business world.

Meanwhile, using our experiences to shape our future all while embracing technology can help us thrive. Remote work comes with many great benefits and advantages. We should just learn how to maximize them. It is a talent.

If you wish to join the shift, KMC solutions offer virtual tours and several other services. They are available 24/7 to answer your questions and guide you through flexible workspaces.

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