Cebu, The Philipines Next Business Destination

4/16/2019 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

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A counterpart to Metro Manila’s bustling IT-BPO environment, Cebu has quickly established itself as not just an alternative for companies to consider when looking for customized private office space, it has become a top destination that is preferred by various companies setting up operations in the Philippines. As a destination for business operations, it offers an attractive hub for foreign and domestic businesses alike.

Private offices for rent in Cebu are abundant given the sustained interest by companies of different industries in Cebu. This article will highlight the many benefits of establishing operations in the area and why having an office in Cebu is a smart business decision.

A Top IT-BPO Destination

Just over a decade ago, Cebu was considered a next-wave city for the IT-BPM sector. Currently, it is now considered by the Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) as an IT-BPM Center of Excellence, a distinction that only five other areas in the Philippines possess.

The industry is also poised for continuous growth in the coming years, fuelled by additional office space demand and growing manpower headcount. In 2018, the number of IT-BPM employees within Cebu grew to about 20-30% as a result of expansion initiatives by existing companies within the area.

Demand for office space in the area has also shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, real estate experts project that around 350,000 square meters from last year until 2020, bringing Cebu’s total office stock to almost one million sq. m. by 2020.

Less Traffic and Supreme Accessibility

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Sources such as Waze have cited that Metro Manila is among the most congested metropolitan areas in the world, which could potentially cost companies millions in lost productivity. It’s also important to note that while NAIA, the Philippines’ main airport is located within Metro Manila, certain destinations take a while to reach given the traffic in the area.

Alternatively, Cebu IT Park and surrounding areas in the province experienced only light to moderate traffic congestion, making it easier for employees to make it in the office on time and help companies maximize their productivity. The province also has its own airport, ensuring that executives on business trips have no issue going to and from the Philippines.

As Cebu continues to be a top destination for IT-BPM companies, KMC has taken the opportunity to help more locators by expanding within the area. The company will soon unveil new serviced offices for rent in Cebu at Skyrise 4B, offering top-grade workspaces ranging from coworking spaces for rent to customized private offices.

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