Choosing Office Space in the Philippines: Cebu City VS. Metro Manila

5/9/2019 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

Metro Manila is home to more than 70+ IT-BPM locators ranging from multinationals such as Accenture and Convergys to growing tech companies like Cryptors and Machibox PH. Private offices for rent in Metro Manila are equipped impressive amenities and high-speed wifi, and leasing rates are extremely low, making the area perfect for all kinds of business operations.

On the other hand, Metro Cebu’s IT Park has evolved into a bustling district similar to BGC. A business and lifestyle hotspot within the province, the area is now home to numerous call centers and IT businesses with several operators from Metro Manila expanding in the area.

Today, we’re comparing Metro Manila and Metro Cebu in terms of traffic, infrastructure, and talent to discover which location suits your immediate requirements.

Office Spaces In Cebu

Office space for rent in Cebu usually comes at similar rates to Metro Manila in terms of coworking, and relatively lower rates for private offices. Coworking spaces for rent in Cebu range from PHP 10,000-15,000 while private offices per seat range from PHP 13,000-18,000 which is relatively cheaper compared to Metro Manila’s rates (PHP 14,000-25,000.)

Metro Cebu office spaces also have quality interior design and furnishings that make it as ergonomic and functional as office space for rent in Metro Manila. Serviced office facilities at Skyrise 4 and 4B, for example, feature spaces with direct natural light which studies have shown can improve employee productivity, and cool color schemes such as tropical backgrounds that are easy on the eyes.

Overall, Metro Cebu’s office spaces have little variation from Metro Manila’s, giving workers in the area a taste of what working in the capital is like. The one distinguishing factor is pricing, and because Cebu is located outside of the capital, the office rates in the area are slightly more affordable.


Cebu IT Park is where most of Metro Cebu’s office buildings and corporate headquarters are located. As of 2018, there are more than 60 PEZA-accredited buildings throughout Metro Cebu, perfect for companies looking to take advantage of tax holidays. Many skyscrapers in the area also have LEED certification, ensuring that the construction and energy output are up to par with global standards.

While Metro Cebu’s infrastructure is truly impressive, Metro Manila has more of the same. With more than 120 PEZA-accredited office buildings and 150+ LEED certified projects. Additionally, Metro Manila arguably has better connectivity infrastructure given how most internet service providers operate within the capital.


Lighter vehicle congestion is undoubtedly the main advantage Metro Cebu has over Metro Manila. While Metro Manila is still recognized as the best place to do business in the Philippines, the traffic jams that occur in the area can be off putting. Waze has even confirmed that Metro Manila has the ninth worst traffic worldwide.

On the other hand, Metro Cebu’s traffic situation is far more manageable. Compared to Metro Manila’s 2.5+ million registered vehicles, Cebu only has 800,000+ throughout the entire province. This makes travel within Metro Cebu a far better experience compared to Metro Manila.

At the end of the day, each location boasts their own advantages. While Metro Manila is still superior in terms of connectivity and infrastructure, lower office leasing rates and a better traffic situation also makes Metro Cebu a fantastic destination for expanding corporates and new businesses.

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