The Definitive Workspace: The Modernization Of The Private Office

4/19/2018 | By Workspace In Asia

Understanding The Private Office

For a long time, employers have relied on the efficacy of the traditional office setting to cultivate their business. But equally important in improving the company are the employees, and private offices should be open to changes.

The way employees work is evolving, and the traditional office space just doesn’t cut it anymore. In fact, employee engagement experts at Dynamic Signal aggregated worldwide productivity reports in the workplace and found that 57% of stressed employees felt less productive and indifferent.

As a result, coworking spaces became a popular alternative to exclusive offices, presenting figures that show the effectiveness of this platform (more than 70% of coworkers were more productive and engaged in their work). Given this data, private offices should be a thing of the past, but they’re still here because of radical changes, and now it looks like they’re here to stay.

Workspace Evolution

What made coworking spaces or flexible workspaces so popular is that they’re structured differently than the private space. Instead of desks and rotating chairs, coworking spaces usually feature furniture and interiors more suited for a younger demographic.

Contemporary art, comfortable seats, and evocative colors are the name of the game inside coworking spaces. But today, private offices in Metro Manila and Cebu have also embraced these kinds of office interiors, tipping the scales back in the favor of the traditional office space.

Rating The Rates

Another point of contention between private offices and coworking spaces are the rental rates. Coworking spaces largely offer flexible rates that adapt according to the needs of the client. Private offices, on the other hand, primarily deal in fixed rates.

Recently, however, private office space providers have started to offer competitive and flexible rates on their offices as well. Depending on increasing or reducing employee count, business owners can choose to rent out a larger private space or a smaller one.

Enhancing Focus

The essence of an office lies in its ability to inspire productivity in employees, and this is where private workspaces have long outpaced the open space. Flexible office spaces inspire productivity, but may hinder focus because of the unrestrained nature of the open space.

Meanwhile, private offices have always been associated with higher levels of focus because of less distractions. In contrast, open spaces are often criticized for excessive noise. The fact that private workspaces are evolving also means that while these spaces are adapting the same interior design principles as coworking spaces, focus and productivity are further augmented.

Taking all of these considerations into account, one fact emerges; the modern private office is an effective setup. Of course, different considerations such as work style and the nature of a business contributes to the kind of office space that a company needs, but for companies and businesses looking to make a lasting impression, the private workspace is a prime choice.

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