Digital Influencers Getting Into Flexible living VS. Work-Life Balance

12/18/2019 | By Marella Gimenez


KMC’s first-ever Year-End Influencer Party—UNBOXED—recently took place in their newest flexible workspace in BGC, gifting mobile influencers with more adaptable options. This included “unboxing” a three-fold surprise aimed to provide flexible work needs for professionals such as influencers, freelancers, and digital nomads of today. 


Tools of the Trade 

Industry pros like Fitfam influencer of Holifit, Joanne Villablanca with head coach of Holifit, sports trainer of SEA games athletes, and fitness speaker, Paulo Agir; the GetCraft Senior VP of Networking, Raffy Casas; and the Marketing Executive of YOYO and PopStar Influencer, Reese Audrey Limbagawere present, giving insightful tips on the perfect, flexible life and how to create more engaging content. 


Through the Lens 

KMC’s progressive and innovatively designed workspaces, inspired by creative themes such as greenery, Miami beach, and rock n’ roll, are the perfect place for modern digital nomads to exercise their flexibility. Small-scale showcase displays of these spaces then doubled as a photo lounge and served as the perfect backdrop for aesthetically pleasing pictures 


Flexible Living Unboxed 

A personally curated KMC giftbox was given to influencers, packed with the tools they’ll need to maintain their healthy work-life synergy along with some treats such as, KMC’s very own brand of exclusively micro-brewed MadMax coffee and a discount voucher for any purchase Leflair’s website.  

But the giftbox’s most useful tool to the modern, digital nomad would be the one-month coworking pass, enabling influencers to work on-the-go in any KMC location at any time. 

With the ever-growing needs of mobile entrepreneurs, KMC and their partners have equipped them with a customized kit and useful insights meant to give these entrepreneurs a fresh start to flexible living. Ending this year with a bang in celebration of this new generation’s business-savvy skills with the use of social media and helping them lead their adaptable lifestyles. 

You can book a passport to our creative coworking spaces by clicking here!