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3/7/2019 | By Workspace in Asia



How “ACTIVITIES-ON-THE-SIDE” Can Help Professionals Reach 2018 Goals

At the start of the year, people are generally hyped with a dose of fresh optimism, new goals, and the energy to start anew. We begin the year fast, with the hopes of finishing strong. But professionals somehow forget that a year is, technically, not a “sprint”. It’s a long stretch of days and hours, packed with activities at work, at home, and everywhere else in between. The environment of professionals -- a typical office building with walled desks, or a coworking space, or a home office -- has an impact on this start-of-year mindset. Alongside other variables, such as the people we’re surrounded with, traffic and weather conditions, professionals become at risk of getting derailed and losing focus, or even getting burnt out. It is, therefore, important to find the right lifestyle and work pacing, wherever we may be.

Importance Of Having “ACTIVITIES-ON-THE-SIDE” For Professionals

To get through the busy days (and even busy nights for those in the evening shifts), professionals need to have “activities-on-the-side”. While it is fun to see the travel photos of friends, the staycations or beach getaways, or the hiking and camping plans, we sometimes find ourselves “stuck” in the big city, with limited time, mobility, and resources. Still, it is important to find an activity that one can do at the right pace, within the space immediately available to us.

1. Improve mental and physical health

Having activities-on-the-side improves not only our physical health but also our mental health. It allows us to stretch our bodies and use dormant muscles which are not normally stretched during our typical daily activities. Mentally, side activities allow our minds to veer away from the routine work. It refreshes our mental wiring and gives our brain some breathing room, improving our focus and retention once we go back to our routine.

2. Create personal “mini-goals” to look forward to

We usually set goals for work, but almost always forget to set goals for our personal well-being and satisfaction. Having side activities gives professionals a reward after a long day, week, or month at work.

3. Prepare for the long haul

Having a packed schedule without breaks will surely “break” the best of us. Having side activities allows professionals to take breaks and condition them for the long road ahead. Whether it’s tackling a project that will last half a year, or waiting for that big shift in management, side activities give professionals a reason to pause to recharge for another phase of a long journey.

Why Consider Yoga

Practicing Yoga continues to grow in popularity due to its known and proven benefits. From calming the senses, to providing better sleep, to improving muscle flexibility, to increasing energy, practicing Yoga can be an exciting and fulfilling side activity to consider. There are different types of practice to deliver different results for individuals.

1. Candle Light Yoga

For professionals who find it challenging to slow down and sleep better at night, candle light yoga can help calm the senses and prepare the body for rest. The warm light given off by the candles replace the blue light emitted by our gadgets (e.g. laptops and mobile phones.) This light affects our mind and impacts our body’s ability to recognize time for rest. Candlelight yoga allows the body to adjust to the need for deep sleep in order to repair and recover.

2. Gentle Flow

For professionals who feel stiff and sore from too much sitting, Gentle Flow yoga concentrates on light lunging, twisting, hip opening, and breathing. This allows better blood circulation through slightly challenging positions but without too many sustained versions. This practice is good to feel revitalized and refreshed while maintaining composure and structure.

3. Power Yoga

If professionals are seeking to improve stamina, balance, and energy, Power Yoga is the way to go. This practice is good for individuals who are also doing other physical activities such as other sports and/or work that requires more physical efforts (e.g. engineers in construction sites.) Ultimately, Power Yoga reduces risk of injuries due to higher muscle flexibility and strength.

It is vital to identify which Yoga practice would best suit the need of the individual, and which one would, of course, be the most enjoyable thing to do. The key to remember is that the side activity should be something that’s more relaxing and motivating, or else it will be just another task added to our long list of things to do. 

Side Activity Made Fun And Meaningful

Recently, KMC Solutions provided a truly fulfilling and enjoyable “side activity” for professionals. KMC Solutions, one of the country’s leading provider of flexible workspace solutions, conducted “#FitnessGoals2018: A Yoga for Smiles Series”, held in four of its top-class office spaces: Skydeck in Picadilly Star Bldg in BGC, 5F V Corporate Centre in Makati, 20F Cyber Sigma in Taguig, and 5F Rockwell Business Center Tower 1, Ortigas. KMC Solutions brought the Candle Light Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, and Power Yoga closer to professionals working in these office spaces by transforming the usual space to zen areas where people gathered to enjoy Yoga together.

Well-known celebrity athletes Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero, along with trainer Al Gonzales, also joined the third Yoga session held at Cyber Sigma in Taguig. KMC Solutions partnered with Smile Train, an organization and charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates, making this event fun and more meaningful for all participants.

To further help professionals achieve their #FitnessGoals2018, KMC Solutions aims to implement fitness activities in all its offices, starting from regular yoga classes in 5F V Corporate Centre. These sessions will be available for the public as well. For sign-up and slot reservation, call 09065529777 or 7796540 loc. 1251.

The key to remember is to find the right pace and have fun “on-the-side”, while staying focused on your goals this 2018. We’re just in the middle of the first quarter so best to plot more side activities for the year ahead!

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