How To Find The Right Office Space

3/7/2022 | By Marella Gimenez

finding the right office space

Having an office space is one of the important elements to achieve business success. The office environment provides you with a workspace for your employees that will boost their productivity and encourage engagement among them.

Having your own proper and defined workspace also helps your employees organize and focus the tasks on hand; and set the team to the right headspace to work without sacrificing their general well-being.

Office space is also important in terms of exhibiting your company's culture. It helps the recognition of the company as it plays the role of representing and reflecting the entirety of your company. This can be done by setting up unique office space that aligns with the aspect of your work, your company's values, and the satisfaction of your team.

However, finding the perfect brand new office space is never easy. You don't just find a random space and turn it into a workplace. It takes a lot of time and effort to find a perfect location that will fit the needs of your business. Hence, in doing so, it's important to consider some important factors and helpful tips in finding the right office space.

A Couple Of Benefits Of Having An Office Space

Office space is critical to creating a functional workspace for your employees. The workspace allows for collaboration among your team that will surely influence the enjoyment of doing tasks hence, resulting in a more engaging work environment.

To have a defined workplace, you are creating an engaged body of employees that are highly motivated and efficiently productive. The workplace provides a sense of professionalism and wellness drive which lifts the mood of your team and strengthens their morale resulting in a positive contribution to your business.

It also reduces sick days because a proper and well-maintained workplace helps set proper headspace among employees. Having an office space provides an organized and clutter-free environment. Hence, it'll be easier to find records and important files that save time and fuel efficiency.

Important Factors To Finding The Right Office Space

Location And Overall Accessibility

The location also plays an important role in a team's enthusiasm and optimism which positively impacts the functionality of your business. A good location of a business is commonly a factor among employees in selecting their jobs.

Employees tend to keep their eye on locations that will optimize their work-life balance. Thus, prioritizing accessibility in finding an office space location allows your business to attract the right sort of employees that contributes to your business' success.

Good thing is that you don't have to use up too much energy in finding office space. KMC provides the largest collection of coworking space in the Philippines. You have a variety of options in selecting premium office spaces in their lists of locations. The list of their locations include Makati, BGC, Ortigas, Quezon City, Madaluyong, Clark, IloIlo, Alabang, Cebu, and Pasay.

Another thing, KMC offers the HQ+Hub Passport program for COVID Solutions. The Hub Passport of KMC encourages your business to function at full capacity while ensuring flexibility and accessibility among your employees to secure their health and well-being especially in this time of the pandemic.

With the HQ+Hub Passport program, you get the best of both fully managed secure private offices plus access to KMC's co-working space across the country. Since the pandemic has affected most types of mobility, KMC provides you with the option to set up your headquarters while providing your team the freedom to choose where to work in line with their location's accessibility to KMC location lists.


If you are leaning towards leasing, price should be at the top of your important factors alongside flexibility and accessibility. If you don't, you might end up leasing a workspace that includes additional and hidden charges. In this sense, you are prone to wasting your financial resources in a working space that you're not satisfied with.

Thus, to avoid unnecessary spending of money, ensure the clarity and transparency of your leasing contract. Also, you have to assess the financial status of your business whether you are capable of leasing expenditures such as deposits and monthly rental fees.

But most importantly, you have to assess whether the price of your workplace prospect lives up to what it can offer such as location, the space, and its facilities.

Also, know if the price of your prospect is on the average price in a workplace or similar location as this will allow you to maximize the best deal possible.

Consider Your Company Size

Knowing your company's size beforehand will save you from moving from one place to another especially if you are aiming to expand your team and hire more people into your business. The bigger the space, the more flexible it will be for your business if you start with fewer employees now, and grow them sooner.

If you are overwhelmed with searching for the perfect workplace, KMC provides you with the best solutions. KMC is a workspace provider that offers you workspace options that cope with your team's size. You can choose from their customized private office space, build-to-suit office, and private office for rent.

Customized private office space is a type of workspace offered by KMC where they design and configure your workspace by providing flexibility to feature your branding, preferred office layout, and IT infrastructure that represents your company's culture.

Similar to this is the build-to-suit office. KMC offers clients a structured office space that caters to the client's specifications and satisfaction. It's a custom-based facility that is designed according to your business needs situated to the requirements of the tenant.

On the other hand, a private office for rent is a long-term and short-term leasing solution offered in locations such as Metro Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Iloilo. This workspace comes with all the office essentials you might need for your business. This is highly suited for small and growing businesses looking for long-term arrangements for their mobile employees.

Layout And Design

The layout and design are similar to the location's accessibility in terms of improving your employee's morale. The entirety of how your workplace looks and how it is perceived by your employee is a necessary factor to consider.

A well-created layout and design optimize the flow of materials and information among your employees. If there's a defined and well-structured form of flow, it creates high performance in your business and encourages collaboration and engagement given that uplifts the value stream of your business and significantly impacts your team.

Contingency Plan

A contingency plan is the bottom line of finding the right office space. More than the technicalities of workspace structure, it's necessary for you to have an exit strategy, if not, a plan that will guide you should the office space fail to meet your business requirement in the future.

There are a lot of unforeseen events that are usually out of your control, however, you are capable of mitigating before fully committing to occupy a workspace, a considerable amount of damage if you can create your contingency plan.

Things like natural calamities, change of business demographics, structural inadequacy can result in a serious problem in terms of your business' functionality and your employees' productivity. However, a contingency plan allows business continuity even if there's a need for your business to take action against unsought events.

Helpful Tips For Finding The Right Office Space

Identify Your Top Priorities

List out the facilities you need to have, the layout and design that represent your company, the technology according to your core operation, and the location according to your business demographic.

The solution to avoid leasing office space with unnecessary facilities is first, to find the right office space according to your business priority and not to what you assume to be important. To do so, identify and list down your top priorities, all of which should cater to your company's value stream and culture.

Plan Your Business Needs

The right office space for your business should include all the business essentials that your team will be needing to accomplish all business activities. Otherwise, an office space that is insufficient and lacking, will affect your business's overall productivity.

Also, similar to identifying priorities, you need to plan your business needs. Stick to the impression of your workforce. These will present you with how your business functions and assess the tools, equipment, and peripherals that you need. In this sense, your business can function to its full potential and core operational activity.

Consider Leasing

Unless you have the financial means to do so, purchasing office property is not a practical thing to do. An office for lease provides you with flexibility in terms of understanding business aspects that are critical for your business' growth and development.

Office leasing offers the opportunity to set up your own office space and acquire your business equipment instantly without spending too much money. Since leasing is fixed, you can better forecast your budget and expenditure.

Check Out Coworking Spaces

Renting your own private office space requires a lot of funds. Hence, if you are a start-up company. It is ideal to consider coworking spaces. The good thing about coworking space is you can find a workplace with a minimum investment and expenses in setting up your workspace.

KMC came up with a good offer for starting and scaling up the business. KMC's 20+ coworking spaces around Metro Manila, Cebu, and Clark allow you to benefit from their open, casual, and flexible office space while allowing you to establish connections with passionate individuals within the open workspace.

Read Your Backup Plan

The more choices you have, the better. Don't just settle for the first office space you've found, take your time to do an ocular inspection of several office spaces, check and list down their pros and cons.

Once you do, weigh your options before finally making a decision. Having backup plans will help you to get the best deal offered and find an office space that is fit for your business need and satisfaction.


Finding a working space can be challenging. Hence, familiarizing yourself with the important details and following helpful tips will guide you towards a space that will foster your team's collaboration and productivity, allow for your business' success and growth.

KMC is a workspace provider that aims to give you options and solutions to setting up your own office space given your business needs. Before making your business decision, consult with your leasing expert's advice based on your business' condition.