How To Fully Maximize Your Office Space

6/28/2021 | By Marella Gimenez

If there is one place that you spend most of your working time, it would be the office space. That is the reason why your office space needs to be efficient. How your area is designed can impact the level of productivity (and happiness)  you can achieve.

However, the perfect office space can be hard to achieve in real life. People, especially those who work from home, may not always have the luxury of having a dedicated space for work. This is where the struggle begins. However, do not worry because there are things that you can do to fully maximize your office space to improve your productivity.

When arranging your workstation, it’s easy to get caught up with seemingly useful and nifty items or trinkets. So it’s important that you assess what you need versus what you want - remember that the goal here is to help boost productivity. You need to do your homework first and plan accordingly. What approach will be practical? What layout is attainable for you? Stay realistic! Once you have a good idea of what you will do, you can start moving it.

Ways to Maximize Your Workspace At Home

Are you unsure of what to look out for in rearranging your office space? Then read these top effective tips to maximize your workspace to be more productive while working from home! Just a few notes you can consider to reap benefits and stay productive.

1. Get that natural light.

Natural lighting isn’t only for capturing beautiful photos. Just imagine entering into your office space. Would you want to walk into a dimly lit room or a bright, well-lit room that receives plenty of sunlight?

For increased employee satisfaction and productivity, try to incorporate natural light however possible. A room filled with abundant natural light gives a welcoming and calm atmosphere that will benefit you and your surroundings. Plus, the more you are exposed to natural light, the better your sleep quality, your mood levels, and your productivity.

Natural lighting in the office space can also reduce eye strain and headaches, boost moods, lessen drowsiness, and decrease the occurrence of mistakes, as confirmed by Dr. Alan Hedge’s study. No natural light source? No problem! Install some LED lights or LED desk lamps instead.

2. Decluttering

No one wants to work in an untidy space. Moreover, decluttering is not just about improving the aesthetic of an area, although having a clean room is pleasing to the eyes. Regardless, declutter your workstation if you want to maximize your space. Not only will it be beneficial physically, but mentally as well.

Clutter can result in more stress and anxiety. Seeing a lot of things also gives the impression to your mind that you still have a pending task, even when you don’t. It’s just a constant reminder of everything that needs to be done. So, clear out the unnecessary clutter, and you will observe a positive effect on your overall well being as it will clear your mind.

Additionally, clutter can easily be distracting. When you have many things at arm’s reach, it’ll be harder for you to focus on your work. Clean and organize your office desk to create a calm, pleasant environment. It will make it so much easier for you to work and be productive.

3. Investing in storages

Of course, there are just some items that you cannot get rid of. To supplement your decluttering efforts, consider investing in storage. Cluttered spaces make the room feel stuffy and small. Therefore, it is good to invest in effective storage solutions, particularly for small office spaces.

Remove the clutter from your desk by using drawers, filing cabinets, or even baskets to store your office essentials. When things are hidden from view, your office will appear more spacious than it is.

However, cabinets still occupy space. If this isn’t an option for you, there is another type of storage you can get. After all, storage is not just about the physical and tangible. Thanks to the world’s latest technology, you can store important files and documents digitally. There are various options out there, from cloud-based storage to essential online storage services.

4. The right furniture.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for: office furniture. While it’s fun and exciting to shop for furniture, don’t get too carried away by the trendy items you’ll see on Pinterest. You need to get the right furniture that will work for you and your office space. It wouldn’t make sense to buy a long table if you just have a small place, right?

Furniture plays a huge role when it comes to maximizing office space. It can either make your area really tight,  is the main component of any room. It houses your laptop, keyboard, office supplies, and you. Ideally, your furniture should provide comfort and encourage productivity. Choose furniture that you can quickly move, so you can constantly adjust everything based on your needs.

With the right furniture, you will be able to save space and work comfortably. These things can inspire motivation and boost work productivity.

5. Plant power

Incorporating nature into an office space has proven to bring positive effects in any working environment. As humans, we have an innate desire to connect to nature. This phenomenon is referred to as biophilia by scientists. It is no wonder why having biophilic elements provides many benefits!

The presence of plants can reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and make workspaces more attractive. On top of that, they clean the air and absorb sounds, reducing noise levels. Plants also help workers feel more relaxed and creative.

6. Make spaces multi-purpose

You have to maximize what you've got, and what better way to do that than having a multi-purpose office space.

Multi-purpose office spaces encourage collaboration among co-workers, and it helps you save space. Additionally, the flexibility will allow you to perform different work-related tasks. Remember, the type of culture your business has can be influenced by the kind of spaces you work in.

7. Stash your gadgets

As mentioned in number 2, clutter leads to distraction. This tip also applies to the gadgets you have. When your devices are all strewn about aimlessly, it looks messy and can be stressful. Moreover, gadgets are a huge source of distraction. Our lives are heavily dependent on gadgets, but it is a double-edged sword.

The buzzing and notification sounds on your phones or tablets are very distracting. The constant notifications will make it hard for you to focus, which will affect your productivity. So, it is better to have a designated stash for your gadgets to avoid the urge to check your phone. Not only will this help you keep focused, but it helps you work efficiently and be more organized, too. Being surrounded by all your gadgets in different areas is stressful because these screens will be competing for your attention.

Keeping your gadgets hidden will also make you less frantic because you don’t have the pressure of staying online at all times. Stashing your devices is a way of creating a boundary whenever you are working since you won’t be bombarded with unnecessary things. And when you need to use them, it will be a breeze to find them because they are all in one place.

8. Keep it clean

Cleaning is a necessary part of any daily activity. Most people tend to overlook this, especially when things get hectic with work. Nevertheless, keeping your office space clean is a non-negotiable must.

A clean workstation is more enticing and inviting compared to a messy one. When you keep it clean, you also keep your mind clean and relieve stress. If you want to improve productivity, then maximize your office space by keeping it clean. This way, you get a clearer picture in your head of what you will do with the area. Additionally, it gives you a visual of how much space you have left.

9. Less is more

Perhaps the most essential tip ever: less is more. Don't go overboard. Your office space must only contain all the essentials; everything else can be let go. The goal is to maximize space and not to fill it up with furniture and supplies.

Having fewer things in your office promotes thinking and creativity. It will make you feel less overwhelmed. Plus, less means fewer distractions. These distractions reduce productivity by 40%, so it is wise to remove these whenever possible. 


At the end of the day, how you choose to maximize your office space is entirely up to you. You are the one that knows your company and employees best, which will help greatly with how the office space layout would look like. It depends on you to make your office happier and more fun. With that, take the time to reflect and re-assess your current workplace. Does it make you happy? Do the design and flow work for you? Does productivity come naturally?

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