How To Spot a User-Driven office Space Through Its Feature

6/20/2019 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

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Multiple office space studies from 2017 to the present day have one thing in common: flexible work sentiments are growing worldwide, driven by the rising Millennial and Gen Z workforce. This paradigm shift towards flexible work and user-centric workspaces has also contributed to the rise of interesting new office features.

Recently, coworking spaces for rent around the world and even flexible workspaces boast areas that are uncommon to most offices. Today, we’ll enumerate two of the most telling amenities that best describe a user-driven workplace and unravel why these areas are groundbreaking developments for the industry.

Breakout Areas


Built to appeal to the needs of artists, creators, and influencers, breakout areas involve everything from a maker space where inventors breathe life into their ideas, to podcast rooms and even photography studios, both of which are present on the 29th Floor of KMC’s Robinsons Cyberscape Gamma workspace.

A company that’s famous for its breakout areas is Google as they have a uniquely designed area across all of their offices. Most Google offices have a gaming area, and there are location-specific design elements such as Google Venice’s climbing wall, a slide at Google Zurich, and Google London’s Lala Library.

Breakout areas define the user-driven work experience because several findings regarding employee engagement have positive outcomes. Google employees report 37% increased happiness at work and 12% increased productivity because of the company culture, of which workspaces play a huge role in building. Adding in the fact that employees that work outside of traditional offices report 70% better health, and what we end up with is a surefire initiative for employee retention.

Wellness Areas

wellness areas
The younger generation of employees, unsurprisingly, favor wellness initiatives on almost the same level as company culture. In fact, in our first local survey that documented the office space preferences of 400 respondents, 200 of which were employed and the other 200 about to enter the workforce, we found that health and wellness facilities are the most preferred office amenities across both groups.

A clinic within the office, along with breakout areas, ranks as the two top preferences among current and future employees. Sleeping quarters, another space that counts as a wellness area, is ranked fifth.

Overall, spotting a user-centric workspace is actually quite simple. A flexible workspace that offers several breakout areas, as well as health and wellness amenities, are ideal for bringing out the productivity of teams across industries, with both current and future workforce groups in agreement.

We at KMC take the user-driven workspace experience to the next level, offering multiple breakout areas at different sites such as our 29th Floor Cyberscape Gamma workspace, ORE Central, Cyber Sigma, and other locations throughout the Philippines. For more information on our spaces, click on the link below.

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