How Virtual Office Solutions are Perfect in Times of Uncertainty 

5/7/2020 | By Marella Gimenez

What is a Virtual Office? 

In the modern digital age where technology brings forth convenience and ease, numerous business practices have now switched over to the virtual world for more efficient and seamless operations. With the world being more connected than ever, the workforce has found that they can work and conduct business through digital means, even working from the comfort of their own home. From entrepreneurs and freelancers working out of their personal spaces, to startups and multinationals that allow their team to work from home, as long as you have a smart device and stable internet connection, businesses can advance their growth from anywhere. 

With less of a need for a physical office space, virtual offices were born. Despite the freedom of working anywhere, potential clients still see the presence of corporate offices as a sign of a business’ legitimacy. Having a definite business address also eases the process when registering for a business permit and other related paperwork which further adds to its credibility. Virtual office solutions therefore, give all the advantages of a traditional office while still being able to work out the comfort of your home. These services let anyone lend their reputable work address to attach to their businessalong with other resources like providing a landline phone number, call-answering and message-taking, mail handling, and IT support. These business owners and entrepreneurs can also make use of the physical workspace when entertaining clients or meeting up with colleagues that may call for a more formal office setting. 



Desperate times call for flexible measures 

A majority of virtual office users are freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups, who are businesses looking into ways they can become more cost-efficient while still in the early stages of their growth, with its flexible monthly payment terms giving them the freedom from long-term lease commitments. Bigger companies who are based internationally also largely avail of this service because it provides a serviced office space for their remote team to operate out of as they try to tap into the new and local market.  

The flexibility of virtual office services to cater to all types of businesses have also made this the perfect flexible solution in these unpredictable times. With the majority of the workforce being asked to work from home, unfinished business in the office can tend to pile up and be left unattended to. Small items you may have left in your workstation, unclaimed packages that were addressed to your office, or clients trying to reach you through the office landline can be easily overlooked or forgotten. A virtual office’s main advantage is being able to attend to these responsibilities while you work at a remote location, complete with administrative and IT support. The service can take on simple tasks such handling mail, forwarding calls to your personal line, as well as keeping valuable items in the flexible workspace’s storage or locker area so workers don’t need to worry about a thing while they are working remotely. Whether it’s a crisis situation that calls on people to work from home or small businesses looking to save money on a physical space, these serviced office solutions prove that its flexibility can easily adapt along with its customers and members. 


The modern world has quickly evolved and afforded organizations with all new ease and conveniences that quickly take care of small to medium tasks so they can solely focus on making their business grow. From the rise of financial and mobile technology to being able to work comfortably from any remote location, the workforce and digital nomads can now conduct business at any time anywhere, even competing in the global market and servicing big international clients despite the instability of the times now.