KMC Launches 3 New Offices in Each of Metro Manila’s CBDs 

2/10/2020 | By Marella Gimenez

The workforce of today is evolving the way they work as the digital age now offers them more options in flexibility and mobility. No longer are most employers concerned with how much time one spends in the office but with how they can efficiently manage their time in producing good output. One only needs stable internet connection and a laptop, and they can virtually work from anywhere at any time. This leaves the modern workforce with the challenge of finding a conducive environment that drives their productivity, creates little distraction, and still presents an air of professionalism.


With KMC having years of experience in providing flexible office solutions, the company is now further expanding their reach throughout Metro Manila, especially with the new digital generation entering the workforce. As they open 3 new sites, each one strategically located in one of the country’s thriving central business districts, these new offices will provide more options to the increasing demand of stable work environments. This adds to their steadily growing portfolio consisting of 43 managed floors across 23 buildings, all made easily accessible with just one coworking passport. This ultimately gives workers more accessibility to safe spaces for ideas to flow freely or a casual workspace to assist in their business growth.


Podium West Tower

Located in Ortigas Center, a CBD described as a business-resilient mini-city, the brand-new Podium West Tower has two floors dedicated to KMC’s serviced offices. Partnered with the internationally renowned and Singapore-based design team, Contrast Designs, for this project the workspace layout takes cues from hotel lounges and lobbies. The emulation of design elements from the hospitality industry aims to bring new focus to the user experience of the workspace and encourages clients to make their work environment and wellbeing more of a priority. The borrowed elements from common lounge places are shown through sensible but plush furniture, industrial fixtures, and dark, minimalist wooden accents that bring an overall sophisticated, modern feel to the serviced office.

Sitting atop a 5-storey luxury mall, KMC sought out to bring a refreshing take on office design at the Podium West tower by delivering refined and elegant workspaces that elevates the overall experience of workers.


Armstrong Corporate Center

KMC premieres its first fully dedicated, serviced office building located in Salcedo Village, Makati, the Philippine’s leading premium central business district. The 10 floors within the Armstrong building gives the establishment a large capacity to house multiple amenities such as a yoga and wellness room, KMC’s MadMax Café, and several training rooms and event spaces. KMC is also able to provide two whole floors allocated to customizable and built-to-suit private offices, giving clients full design freedom and flexible scalability.

The workspace provides professionals with a warm and casual atmosphere, taking inspiration from modern-day bistros. The coworking space is meant to mimic outdoor patios with several biophilic design features, relaxed cushy seating, an acoustic padded ceiling, and French windows that open up to free-flowing space. This diverse selection of amenities can only be seen at KMC’s first exclusive property, along with its usual range of flexible workspace solutions.


World Corporate Plaza

KMC is opening another location at BGC, a once barren land that has quickly developed into a budding metropolis and is now one of the country’s fastest growing CBDs. Having over 7 other locations in BGC, the demand of companies and professionals hoping to grow their business there have increased, and this has resulted in KMC simply wanting to provide more flexible options to the sudden fast-paced growth of the business landscape in that area. Occupying the 24th and 25th floors of the WCP, the serviced offices are also located in the 11th avenue near numerous lifestyle amenities and BGC’s central lifestyle area, High Street. This gives workers an easier time in balancing their professional and personal lives, being in an area that encourages a variety of social activities.