Ortigas Newest Office Destination: KMC The Podium West Tower

1/10/2020 | By Marella Gimenez



KMC has teamed up with a Singapore-based and internationally renowned design agency, Contrast Designs, to bring a different class of workspace to life in The Podium West Tower located in Ortigas Center Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. KMC has collaborated with the international design agency to elevate its staple design features to the next level to deliver a user driven workspace powered by the latest technology while featuring the latest design trends and concepts.

In the finalized renders for the new KMC Podium West Tower, the design demonstrates borrowed elements from premium common lounge areas, such as hotel lobbies, through sensible but plush furniture, industrial fixtures, and dark, minimalist wooden accents that bring an overall sophisticated, modern feel to the serviced office which will launch in March 2020. The open spaces fully fitted with cozy furnishings also create the perfect backdrop for collaborations and daily interactions, with design elements incorporated to also offer a sense of privacy and seclusion.

Notable features such as the abundance of greenery, vast amounts of natural light, and other biophilic design elements also play their part to pull in the user's attention to the natural approach of the layout. 




The Convergence Between Office and Hospitality 

Elements from the hospitality industry are purposefully put into offices to create a more relaxing and homey environment for people to feel comfortable inhence work does not necessarily have to feel like work. Therefore, their wellbeing becomes a further priority rather than focusing on maximizing the amount of output they deliver.  

Unlike hotel guests, workers rarely question or evaluate their overall experience in a workspace and instead are content with having a place to simply work. KMC wants to change this disposition by adopting experience and user-driven design in their flexible workspaces & serviced offices and supplying the higher demand for less structured office setups. This, in turn, encourages workers to be more productive, opens them up to opportunities for collaborative encounters, and adds to the growth of their business. 

With more people spending the majority of their hours inside an office, it makes sense for work, hospitality, and socializing environments to intersect. KMC strives for this refreshing take on workplace design to put the wellness and comfort of workers at the forefront. Wanting to raise the bar of the experiences the clients have, KMC and Contrast Designs collaborated on a vision of refined and elegant workspaces for the Podium West Tower. 



“Natural” Workspace Experiences 

Taking cues from nature and incorporating green design throughout their Podium West Tower workspace is also another important factor in raising the bar of experience for its users. As nature is already scientifically proven to improve work environments and drive productivity, it is only natural for it to be an essential design element in KMC's latest creation.  

An innovative and conducive working environment for everyone is what drives both KMC and Contrast Designs to produce high-quality workspace experiences, fit for the diverse and growing needs of today’s workforce. 

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