Podium West Tower: A Different Class of Workspace in Ortigas

12/4/2019 | By Marella Gimenez

KMC has always prided itself in providing the best reimagined workspaces to better grow their clients’ businesses and their brands. All their coworking sites are strategically located in rapidly developing cities and bustling CBDs, where the business landscape is actively thriving.

The Ortigas Center is no different and has established itself as one of the country’s largest and most prominent CBDs in Metro Manila. Wanting to take advantage of this prime location, KMC has set up several of their spaces around this area. It’s easy accessibility to major business and financial hubs, as well as its balanced mix of leisure, commercial, and residential neighborhoods make it attractive to business owners and employees alike.

The Podium West Tower is situated in the heart of this Ortigas business district and is pre-certified with the LEED Gold Mark by the US Green Building Council. It also has been awarded the provisional Green Mark Gold award by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore, proving that it is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainable development.

All these attributes have prompted for KMC to set up a coworking site there as well, set on bringing a different class of workspace to life. Although KMC already has four other locations spread across Ortigas, the one that the Podium West tower offers is a fresh approach to office design and amenities. The flexible workspace provider brought in a Singapore-based, internationally renowned design team, Contrast Designs, that specializes in creating technology enabled and supportive office spaces for this project.


Their people-centric design concept borrows elements from the hospitality industry and draws inspiration from hotel lobbies and lounges. They also give great importance to nature and biophilic office design, making a worker’s wellness a top priority and enhancing the surroundings for productivity. As most employees work in highly urbanized areas, being in contact with nature helps create a sense of comfort and a healthier atmosphere.

With having years of experience in designing coworking spaces under their belt, their philosophy for workspace innovation is to escape from traditional or conventional structures. The team’s design process is to break through the common mindset of the community and aims to elevate the user experience of its clients.

This new KMC office design does this through giving focus to irregular lines and abstract shapes meant to challenge a worker’s standard idea of what a workspace should look like. Posh furniture and industrial fixtures give modern touches to the overall layout of the design, bringing out a luxurious environment that is conducive to productivity.

With their comfort at the forefront, this KMC location will be the largest ever coworking space fully equipped with huddle areas, breakout zones and the latest technology all while embodying class and elegance.

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