QC: A Rising Flexible Workspace Destination for Startups in Metro Manila

10/30/2018 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

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Quezon City (QC) is rapidly growing into a modernized district full of class A office space options. The emergence of multiple technology parks, a strong startup community, a deep and highly-skilled talent pool, and quality infrastructure has allowed the former capital to compete even with the long-standing CBDs in the Philippines.

As BGC, Makati, and Ortigas become more congested with the large volume of new businesses and large corporations establishing office headquarters in those areas, Quezon City has recently become a practical alternative for startup companies looking for a small private office space or coworking space for rent.

A Tech-Friendly City

Quezon City is bustling with different IT-BPO parks and commercial areas that offer the latest hardware. One of these notable areas is Bridgetowne in Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue. Already a major tech destination despite still being in development, this upcoming IT park houses Robinson’s Zeta Tower, one of the most technologically advanced office buildings in the Philippines.

Another popular IT-park is UP-Ayala Technohub. One of the most prominent IT parks in the country, it offers an integrated environment where young, brilliant minds collide with the established tech industry.

Strong Startup Support

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Quezon City has long been known for its local support of startups, as well as its booming startup scene that assists bolsters growth among its members. In fact, Quezon City created a Small Business Development and Promotions office and had written a Magna Carta for Micro and Small Business Enterprises.

Aside from the strong local government support, the startup community of QC is extremely inclusive with newcomers. StartupWeekend and Lean StartUp Circle often visit the country and hold events in different districts and areas, with QC being a frequent venue. Various CEOs based in Quezon City also invite startups to forums and events, such as Jay Fajardo (Airborne Access) and Chikka’s Dennis Mendiola.

A Pool Of Diverse and Technically Skilled Talent

Startups will have no problem sourcing and recruiting talent in Quezon City. Recruitment in QC is a quick process since the former capital possesses the largest population of any city in Metro Manila, with intelligent and highly skilled talent within the area.

The University of the Philippines and Ateneo De Manila, arguably the country’s best universities, are both located in QC. Given the city’s large population, many graduates from these schools either live in QC or near it. This allows startups and small businesses to access a pool of talented employees with a deep understanding of modern, tech-enabled processes and systems.

Modern, High-Quality Infrastructure and Flexible Office Space


Quezon City houses multiple business districts that have some of the finest commercial buildings in the country, giving startups numerous office space for rent choices. Eastwood City, a township within QC, boasts impressive commercial centers, as well as office buildings with a fiber internet connection allowing for ultra-fast browsing speeds. Other districts, such as Cubao and the aforementioned Bridgetowne possess skyscrapers that are just as visually appealing and technologically advanced as Eastwood.

Coworking space and private office rental rates are also considerably cheaper in QC, even in these upscale locations. This gives startups the ability to choose the perfect workspace for their budget requirements.

Outside of the established Philippine CBDs, Quezon City is definitely the friendliest city for startups and micro to small businesses. The city offers so much value for new companies, providing many of the requirements for these businesses to scale.

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