Skyrise 4B: Discover KMC's Latest Flexible Workspace in Cebu

7/9/2019 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

Cebu’s rapid development as a business hotspot in Visayas has attracted the attention of local corporates, startups, and even multinationals. The office space stock in the area is expected to have 350,000 sqm available space next year, a 47% leap from 2018. This will help to address the needs of incoming companies that will rent private office in Cebu or for startups that want to occupy a coworking space.

With more foreign investors and companies entering Cebu and with the region maintaining a steady influx of office space, KMC has established another workspace in the area, providing prospective clients with quality office space. Today, we’ll go into deeper detail regarding the features of the space.

A Quality Workspace In A Premium Building

Skyrise 4B is another development by Skyrise Realty Development Corporation. An energy-efficient building with connectivity infrastructure specifically designed to effectively cater to BPOs, Skyrise 4B is ideal for all kinds of companies.

KMC’s office facility within the building improves upon its existing features. The 16th and 17th flexible workspace floors combine for an overall 40 private office units, with one 210-seater unit for a branch office or an entire multinational department. Each floor also boasts three distinct coworking areas, perfect for freelancers, startup teams, and solopreneurs alike.

Recognizing each potential clients’ need for quick huddles, meetings, and even Skype calls, both floors also boast conference rooms with HD TVs and video conferencing machines. Aside from conference rooms, there are also smaller communal meeting rooms for all clients, while some private rooms have their own. There are also small huddle rooms available within the space.

Interiors And Extra Features


Skyrise 4B offers more than just workspaces and meeting rooms. Both serviced office floors boast tropical interior design elements and a lot of blue accents that’s not only aesthetic but conducive to productivity, as proven by psychological studies saying that blue hues in the office help with focus. Both floors also have open deck areas, perfect for quick breaks with a view of Cebu IT Park.

The spaces also have large, 24-seater boardrooms that are convertible into wellness areas for yoga and cardio sessions. Other amenities for employee wellness include a clinic/lactiation room, and a designated male and female napping quarters. The pantry areas on both floors are quite large compared to other flexi-space pantries, allowing employees from different companies to share the area. The pantry also doubles as an event space for different kinds of functions, from forum discussions to company celebrations.

KMC will hold the soft launch of its Skyrise 4B facility on July 23, 2019. The first Sunset Collective in Cebu, as well as the third iteration of Space for Ingenious, will coincide with the launch. For interested parties, click on the link below.

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