Space For Ingenious: The Philippines' Most Ingenious Startups Part 1

7/12/2018 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

riccardo corsini

Disrupting The Startup Scene

KMC Solutions
, together with Impact Hub Manila, launched the Space for Ingenious program as a way to give back to the startup community by assisting select startups in growing their business through a three-pillar model.

The first pillar is an operation, where we provide exceptional workspaces and incubation facilities for startups. The second pillar is a network, where startups will receive a Global Passport, allowing them to connect with the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs. The third pillar is a strategy, where we assist startups scale and mature organically through mentoring support from industry leaders and subject matter experts.

The essence of SFI, however, lies in the ingenuity of the startups. Only those with the most groundbreaking ideas can be considered. Today, the first batch of SFI winners will be imparting the nature of their respective companies to show why they are, indeed, ingenious.

Motivated To Assisting Local Startups

Riccardo Corsini, Vice President of Marketing for KMC, explained that the company had a strong connection to the local startup scene, prompting it to give back to homegrown startups.

“We're thrilled to see that the startup ecosystem is growing and getting more recognition. Working closely with many local startups and entrepreneurs, we felt compelled to support them - We felt that by providing a professional working space absolutely for free, we could already address that pain point many of these companies have at this stage,” said Corsini.  

But as with all big endeavors, KMC needed a partner that could provide the business mentorship aspect of Space for Ingenious while it focused on the incubation side of the program. Impact Hub emerged as the ideal collaborator for SFI because of the opportunities and tools that the global network could provide for businesses around the world.

Corsini has noticed that most startups lack an effective working setup. “For many startups in their early stages, other expenses come first, leading them to work from improvised places like coffee shops, or more often their own living room,” said Corsini.

He asserts that a conducive and professional working environment is vital for businesses especially at the start of their business. In fact, providing modern and passion-filled workspaces is the core of KMC, as the company now houses hundreds of local and multinational companies in its private offices and coworking spaces across 16 Grade A buildings in the country.

KMC expects that by the end of the 6-month incubation program, the startups will have all the resources necessary to proceed to the next level of entrepreneurship. Corsini adds, “Even at the end of the program, we're not going to leave them. After graduating in this program, they will automatically become members of the KMC community, where they will be provided discounts from KMC services and our sister companies as well.”

Mind Over Matter


Impact Hub Manila co-founder Ces Rondario ensures the winners that success can be achieved through a strong mentality. “There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind and you let your creativity flow,” said Rondario. She also encourages startups to discuss and grow among themselves.

Digital Heroes: Cryptors Cybersecurity

digital heroes

Alexis Lingad, the CEO, and founder of Cryptors Cybersecurity identifies his company as a one-stop-shop for all things cybersecurity. Cryptors is an innovator in cybersecurity technology on the bug bounty platform. They conduct cybersecurity training on both an individual and corporate level while selling eBooks on the topic.

Cryptors was established in 2015 and began receiving awards as early as 2017. They were included in NextStep’s list of “9 Southeast Asian Startups You Need to Watch out For,” while their bug bounty platform became the top bug bounty platform in the country.

Today, the company is currently in a rebuilding process. Seeking incubation programs and mentorship, Cryptors came across SFI on Facebook and claimed one of the available spots during pitch day, despite initially not making the top 10.

Lingad expects Cryptors to ascend to the next level of cybersecurity by the end of the SFI program. The young CEO also seeks the completion and release of their mobile app across the entire Philippines.

The Avenue Of Hype: Hypexave + Flippax

HypexAve + Flippax began as an idea by CEO and founder Andrew Diamante to assist collectors of everything “hype” with the products they’re looking for. HypexAve delivers premium, legit sneakers to customers while Flippax is a business empowerment platform that connects companies with content creators to boost their social media presence.

Initially lacking the knowledge to compete in the Philippine business market, Diamante sought out SFI to “have the foundation and networks to grow the business to a substantial size, and just to have a sustainable framework for the company.”

Today, HypexAve continues to deliver high-quality footwear to customers. On the other hand, Flippax is gaining more traction daily, increasing its digital footprint while adding more online influencers to its network. By the end of the SFI program, Diamante expects HypexAve + Flippax to be companies with enough leverage to change lives through hype and connections.

KMC is looking for the next batch of ingenious applicants, click on the link below to learn more about Space for Ingenious and how to apply for the program.

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