The Advantages of Corpoworking

6/4/2019 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan


There are numerous office space trends today that have transformed the way people look at how workspaces should appear and function. There is now a focus on work flexibility, which allows employees to work from anywhere with a stable wifi connection, but the shift to flexible work eventually branched out to workspaces as well, giving rise to coworking.

Coworking space for rent is now extremely popular among startups and solopreneurs. In fact, there are now 18,287 coworking areas worldwide and that number is expected to grow to 25,968 by 2022. Soon enough, this new workspace layout has created another office approach known as corpoworking, which we’ll discuss in detail today.

Understanding Corpoworking



Coworking Resources defines corpoworking as “a type of business that combines the corporate and coworking approaches.” Technically speaking, corpoworking happens when a business incorporates a coworking space within its office area or somewhere inside the building where the business is located. The coworking area will typically be surrounded by private offices which will feature shared common areas collaboration spaces.

Both coworking and private office offer distinct advantages. Reports show that coworking spaces made entrepreneurs feel 64 percent more productive, 68 percent more focused, and 90 percent more confident.

Meanwhile, the private office actually encourages better interaction among colleagues. In a Harvard study published in 2018 that compared the effects of the traditional office setup vs. open-office environments such as coworking spaces, it was found that in the open workspace setup, the personal interaction among employees decreased by 70 percent, and email exchanges among each other increased from 22-50 percent.

With that in mind, it’s clear that each office setup has its own benefits. Corpoworking essentially combines the advantages of both because the traditional private office setup is retained while a coworking space is available for employees that want to escape the confines of the office area for a few minutes.

The Growing Need For Corpoworking Space

Corpoworking is relevant now more than ever because as the workforce gets younger, there’s a bigger focus on mobility in the workspace. A study has shown that 85 percent of millennial employees expect to see an increase in mobility at work, and considering that 35 percent of the global workforce will be made up millennials by 2020, shifting towards corpoworking is the ideal move to keep teams engaged.

As the corpoworking trend continues to grow, it’s time that companies of all sizes begin to consider their workspace layout. KMC can assist companies that want to experience corpoworking first-hand, offering serviced office facilities that also have coworking spaces which clients can access. KMC can even build out customized office floors and create a coworking area for all employees.

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