The Importance of Coworking Passports

7/26/2019 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

Coworking space is the first frontier of work flexibility. It allows professionals to work on the go without being confined to the walls of a traditional office. These spaces have even become so popular that the office space industry sees more than one thousand coworking areas open worldwide on an annual basis.

But while many shared workspace providers say they are flexible, they only fit the conventional sense of flexible and mobile work. This is because only a few actually provide multi-space access to clients. In a rapidly shifting professional landscape where flexibility is now a top priority, prospective coworkers must find a provider that offers access to more than one coworking station. This is where coworking passports come in.

What is Coworking Passport?

Coworking passports are arrangements that allow clients to access more than one coworking area owned by a certain provider. These can take the form of cards, replica passports, while other agreements just allow clients to freely shift from their original shared desk space to a different one. This setup is ideal for startup teams and freelancers as it is economical, flexible, and provides supreme office accessibility.

Having a coworking passport allows clients to save up on open-office costs. Instead of having to pay multiple office providers for hot desking, these passports allow clients to work out of any shared desk space owned by the provider of their choice, all for one payment.

Coworking passports also reinforce the idea of flexible work. With 85 percent of new employees preferring offices with mobile layouts, companies and office space operators need to begin investing in open-office style designs and start taking walls down. With a designated passport, employees now have the freedom to work anywhere that’s convenient, making teams more mobile than ever before through accessible offices.

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The Problem With Most Coworking Providers

While the idea of working anywhere is groundbreaking, there is a large problem that plagues many coworking providers: lack of coverage.

Various flexible workspace operators are unable to provide coworking passports because most of these providers manage a single shared desk facility. Meanwhile, there are also providers who can accommodate coworkers across a few select locations only, so coverage is still a problem.

When looking for a shared space provider, it’s vital to ensure that each option offers workspaces in all the CBDs and even in areas outside of the metro. KMC offers quality coworking space in 21 different buildings in Metro Manila, Iloilo, Cebu, and Clark, covering enough ground for today’s professionals to experience true mobile work.

As a pioneer in the coworking space KMC can over its members unrivaled flexibility when it comes to coworking. Across our 3 packages, we allow our coworkers to work from any of our 22 locations across the Philippines with just one membership.

We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and make our spaces more accessible to anyone who is looking to work and achieve their business goals, we have now made it possible for you to book and pay for your coworking membership online, its never been easier to become a KMC member join us today.

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