The Influence Of Well-Designed Office Spaces On Employees 

6/13/2018 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

Employee productivity hinges on numerous factors like compensation, workplace environment, company culture, and management. We’re so focused on providing those benefits that we often overlook the effect of quality workspaces, which have proven to increase employee creativity and resourcefulness.

Today, we’re taking a look at the different aspects of well-designed offices and how these can help create a truly effective office environment; one where both you and your employees are inspired and engaged to work to their fullest potential.

Interior Design and Worker’s Loyalty

The physical layout and appearance of the office has a lot to do with employee engagement. A report by the Harvard Business Review shows that exceptionally designed office spaces help employees foster stronger connections with the product/service you offer, creating brand loyalty.

On the other hand, if you have a poorly kept office, you may be losing your employees’ trust. In fact, Gallup found that 85% of employees working under subpar conditions are disengaged at work, accounting for $7 trillion in lost productivity per year.

At the end of the day, look at how your office is maintained and ensure that the interiors are conducive to productivity. Think about brand representation (logos on the doors, your company colors all around, and branded merchandise), which can encourage your employees to embrace what the company stands for. Not only do you ensure that your employees are satisfied and efficient, this also helps you retain them and build a solid loyalty base going forward.

Natural Features are a Plus

Science has proven that nature is associated with higher levels of creativity and satisfaction, along with better overall health. In fact, people who live closer to “green” areas (places with many plants, natural light, cleaner air, and vegetation) have a 12% lower mortality rate than those who live in the city.

Since natural features play such an important role in keeping us healthy and inspired, it’s imperative to apply some natural amenities in your office space. A good example is using natural light during the day. Daylit office environments account for 84% less reports of eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision.

Always ensure that there’s at least three natural features in your office. Live indoor plants or greens in the veranda (if your office has one), a view of the city or a distant bay, and even colors associated with nature can do wonders for you and your workers.

Play Hard, Work Harder

The most unique offices are those that break old, boring office traditions and bring something new to the table. Offices with leisurely features, such as gaming areas, yoga rooms, and fitness areas are more conducive to productivity and are becoming more popular.

Games can help employees unwind for short periods of time, and when they go back to work, chances are they’re more focused. A 2017 report by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society found that employees that played games for 5-10 minutes came back to work more engaged compared to those who took a silent rest or a relaxation activity.

Offices with fitness areas can also boost workplace output at impressive rates. After all, exercising results in overall better productivity, so helping your workers be more active in the workplace is much better than having them sit around all day. A weekly yoga, boxing, or exercise session are surefire ways to get your employees going.

The New Standard for Office Spaces

It’s time to recognize the truth: traditional offices just don’t cut it anymore. After all, what employees look for today are not only good companies, but good companies with better workspaces. Simply put, workspaces that combine all the factors above is the new model that all office spaces should follow.

Startups can benefit greatly by incubating in excellent workspaces. In line with helping startups realize their potential and grow organically, the Space for Ingenious program was conceived to assist startups in their growth through business mentorship and quality coworking spaces.

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