Unboxed: Unleashing Your Inner Fluencer

11/12/2019 | By Marella Gimenez

The current generation of business-savvy people have made creating a business possible out of one of the biggest social media platforms of today, one arising trend being Instagram Influencers. These are young men and women who have managed to create a brand for themselves through making content that revolves around travel, photography, fashion, beauty, fitness, food, as well as their own personal lifestyle. 

KMC is excited to make a connection with today’s digital entrepreneurs and to unbox a celebration of activities for them, living their adaptable lifestyles, through the company’s year-end Influencer party: Unboxed. A fun-packed party that will be attended by prominent influencer speakers ready to give advice on how to better grow your brand and the flexible spaces and options that are available for a mobile influencer of today. Through this, they will have the opportunity to learn and experience:

  • Tools of the Trade – get the chance to learn directly from the pros on how to effectively increase engagement with followers and how to best promote your own brand. Fitfam siblings of Holifit who also have large followings on instagram, Jose and Joanne Villablanca, and Senior VP of GetCraft, Rafael Luis Casas, are excited to give you great tips on the perfect work-life balance.
  • Through the Lens – three recreational photo lounges will also be free to use by the attendants that will surely match the IG-worthy-themed aesthetic that they are always looking for. So prepare those cameras and poses and be ready to publish your next Instagram post with KMC’s creative booths as the backdrop!
  • Unboxing – receive a giftbox filled with exclusive freebies and products from KMC and their partner brands, working perfectly with an influencer’s flexible and on-the-go lifestyle

Furthermore, this event will enable the attendees to get updates on the latest trends while networking with peers, helping them forge stronger connections in the local social media and business landscape.

This party is organized together with Get Craft, Popstar and LeFlair, organizations that are keeping up with today’s trends through being knowledgeable on the best marketing strategies.

Don’t miss this chance to know how to better develop your brand while still showcasing your true authentic self! KMC’s year-end IG Influencer and Unboxing party: Unboxed is set to happen on December 5, Thursday from 7PM to 11PM at the company’s hippest coworking space in 11F KMC Net Quad BGC, Taguig city.