What Are Customized Office Spaces?

11/29/2019 | By Marella Gimenez

customize offices

Creating Multipurpose Spaces

Office design has long since been evolving and continually striving to find new ways on how to effectively boost a worker’s productivity. However, companies now desire to create an office space that showcases their company image but at the same time also meets the needs of their staff. This is where multipurpose office spaces come into play that fit the diverse and various demands of a business. These employers are now finding new ways to maximize their space to be able serve different functions.

Nonetheless, sometimes changing up your space or even looking for one in the first place can prove to be challenging especially from a budgetary standpoint. Flexible options like coworking spaces offer a viable solution to these problems that companies may face. Originally a hub for startups and freelancers, bigger enterprises have also recognized the benefits of coworking and are adapting to the changing needs of their staff.

Most employers will allow their employees to work remotely or out of the office during their own flexible time. Therefore, coworking spaces have seen an influx of coworkers belonging to companies who already have their own offices.

A Personal, Customized Space

However, higher demand for a more private, progressive workspace has pushed coworking companies in providing services for customizable office space to bigger clients. Coworking companies help these enterprises achieve their dream office, fitting it to their specifications. They’re involved in every step of the process from scouting the real estate all the way into transforming the space into their own.

This is different from companies renting numerous desks or seats from a coworking space since they will have their own private office space made exclusively for them. The service offers the benefits of convenience and cost-efficiency with no large upfront investment and its ready-to-move-in simplicity. The clients can also avail of additional services from the office provider to simplify their business journey, such as:

  • Taxation
  • Registration
  • Concierge Legal Services
  • IT & HR

Asserting Brand Identity

Whether a business needs a unique suite, a specialized floor, or a one-of-a-kind headquarters, coworking providers can bring this vision to life for them. Furthermore, the coworking industry is also becoming more heavily focused on the design elements of their spaces. This means they can offer the proper architectural principles and wellness amenities that can help in productivity and creativity. Aside from collaborating on the interior design and tech specifications, the leasing agreements offer flexible terms and conditions as well.

This is perfect for companies who want the comfort of coworking spaces but still get to assert their own brand. Because everything is fully customizable and it isn’t based in a communal area, they can easily reflect their brand image through their office space. Since everything is specially made purely for that company, it turns out to be unique and embodies the company’s brand vision completely.

The enactment of landlords looking to coworking operators to vitalize their buildings and attract occupiers are also becoming a major trend. This lets them accommodate more SMEs and other larger businesses, offering a demand-led, low-risk solution for landlords. It bridges the gap for businesses on the other hand, between coworking and leased workspaces.

Further Growth for the Coworking Industry

As a result, demand for new office spaces have skyrocketed leading developers and landlords to invest in more appealing buildings. They have increased investments in renovations and building more plug-and-play spaces as well so that occupants are free to customize their office once they move in.

These developers looking to make a profit on their commercial investment then see amenities as a fast way to create value and individuality. Design trends that were solely used for hospitality places are now also being used in office design, creating a middle ground amenity-laden space. Today, landlords and developers alike are looking at amenities with more importance than before.

Acquiring creative spaces therefore increasingly attracts talent which is the primary dynamic that is driving the coworking market of today. This demonstrates that the coworking industry is always evolving to serve all kinds of businesses, no matter how big or small.