Why Companies Choose the Philippines as Outsourcing Destination

7/5/2022 | By Marella Gimenez

Why Philippines

Factors That Make the Philippines Unique in the World

The breakout of the outsourcing industry in the Philippines began in the early 90's. The enactment of the Special Economic Zone Act paved the way to the influx of companies using the Philippines as their remote sub-base for several business functions such as technical and customer support.

Aside from being an amazingly beautiful country, the Philippines is also blessed with people who speak English well. This is one of the major reasons why the country is an ideal business outsourcing destination.

Why Outsource Your Staff to the Philippines?

Outsourcing office staff in the Philippines has become an effective management strategy for many businesses based in Europe, North America, and Australia. With a highly competent remote staff performing back office tasks in the Philippines, business owners can focus more of their energy and time to their core functions.

Factors Why Companies Outsource to the Philippines

The Philippines has become the favorite go-to country when it comes to outsourcing personnel to perform specific business operations.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Huge Reduction on Labor Costs
    The cost of living in the Philippines is three times lower than that of its American counterpart. This means that the cost of labor in the country is lower. With massive savings on salaries and benefits, business owners can channel additional funds to core activities to enhance their services or improve their products.

  • Similarities in Culture
    Filipinos possess a strong affinity towards their Western peers. Perhaps it is because Filipinos are naturally accommodating and that is why they can easily adapt to any culture making them work well in the customer service field.

  • Filipinos are Skilled Workers
    According to futurelearn.com, Philippines' education system and level of literacy is at par with Asia's more developed societies like Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. And, they possess one particular advantage - they speak English better.

  • Filipinos are Amazing English Speakers
    The Philippines ranks 15th out of 80 countries in terms of English proficiency, that is according to the EF English Proficiency Index. English is used in most professional conversations between businessmen. It is the language used in many publications and in legal documentations.

  • Flexibility
    The ongoing pandemic has proven the strength of the Filipino worker when it comes to flexibility. Aside from working on graveyard shifts to match local working hours with that of the daily shift overseas, Filipinos were also exposed to a hybrid working setup.
    Many had to work at home while others needed to continue working in an office setting despite the hazards of exposure. This shows how resilient the Filipinos are.

  • 24/7 Availability
    Outsourcing companies in the Philippines understand that certain companies need to be open the entire and all through the night. That is why outsourcing companies in the Philippines offer round-the-clock personnel availability to man your stations all the time.

  • Full Government Support
    The Philippines outsourcing industry is still on the rise in spite of the current prohibitive health dilemma. In fact, statistics say that there has been a 1.8% boost on headcount and a 1.4% increase in earnings this year for Philippine-based outsourcing outfits.

    This rise can be attributed not only to the efficiency and intellect of the Filipino worker but also to the unwavering support given by the Philippine government to the outsourcing industry.

    Telecommunication facilities have been modernized to keep up with the requirements of foreign entities. New buildings and other infrastructure are now designed to accommodate outsourcing company set-ups.

    Because of the assistance provided by the government, while other companies have closed down because of the pandemic, the outsourcing industry has remained strong.


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