Work from Home Blues? Try Adding a Little Green 

8/19/2020 | By Marella Gimenez

Working in the middle of a pandemic can be challenging in itself but working from home turns out to be long and monotonous as well, with the days starting to slowly blend together. Staying motivated becomes more difficult with each passing day, gradually muddling the lines between your work and home life. 

Safe spaces are now turned into temporary workspaces, leaving workers feeling unmotivated to work in a space where they usually take refuge in after a long day. With work-from-home employees finding difficulty in getting into their usual groove, sprucing up their make-shift workplace to a more conducive work environment can help with some of these slumps.  


Greenery: The Perfect Quarantine Trend for WFH Employees 

The growing popularity of plancare-taking has recently become the latest trend in things to do during quarantine, following the long line of trends like dalgona coffeeYoutube home workouts, and baking in general. Although this may be just something to pass the time for some, plants actually pose a number of benefits, especially to those in work environments 

The reason plants are put in office spaces are not simply for decorative pieces alone, but to create a relaxing atmosphere that enhances morale and encourages collaborationA study by the University of Twente have cited that being surrounded by nature increases concentration, decreases attention fatigue, and ramps up productivity by 20%. Larissa Murphy, one of the leading design minds in KMC’s newest Podium space, notes that although people love to make man-made environments, we as humans are essentially a part of nature. Therefore, being surrounded by natural elements naturally help us thrive and bring a peace of minddespite being in an urbanized environment.  


Spruce up your Home Office 

Employees are now spending a majority of their time inside enclosed spaces to keep away from distractions, chatter, and the other people and family members with whom they may share a home withThis can leave workers feeling restricted and uninspired, similar to sitting in an office cubicle all day. 


However, the presence of greenery can transform even the tiniest of spaces into a creative and collaborative habitat that give a sense of comfort and an all-around healthier atmosphere. The appearance of biophilic colors like greens, yellows, and browns is said to have a soothing effect on people and can additionally help to improve eyesight, especially if one is staring at a screen for long periods of time. 

The incorporation of greenspaces in offices have long been a design trend meant to benefit workers that one can easily translate and do at home, being fully utilized in helping workers become more engaged with their routine and surroundings.  



So if one is thinking of hopping onto thlatest plant bandwagon that have been dominating social media lately, now is the best time to do so especially if you’ve recently been experiencing a work-from-home slump. With a lot of employees quartered in their bedrooms and home offices, a little greenery can go a long way in bringing in a new focus to wellness and driving motivation.  


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