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Location: Taguig City, Metro Manila

Date Posted: 2022-02-04

Hiring Organization: KMC Solutions | INT-4156165

Career Category: Legal / Compliance

The Compliance Associate is expected to work together with the whole Compliance team in pursuit of a common goal. It is expected that she is capable of efficiently performing her assigned tasks and able to help the legal and compliance team to achieve the overall department objective/s. She must ensure that the Company is 100% complaint with ALL relevant Governmental Regulations & standard to avoid Risk & unnecessary compliance exposures.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure overall compliance to risk, contractual, statutory, regulatory, of all KMC and APEX companies (includes processing, coordination and monitoring of related guidelines, permits, clearance, certifications needed by different department, Govt, agencies & others).
  • Ensure consistency of process documentation and regulatory requirements.
  • Leads actions to maintain and adhere to local regulatory compliance.
  • Records Management (Identify and create records inventory and ensure compliance with record retention requirements).
  • Develop and maintain a secure document storage solution (internal folders).
  • Adherence to Internal Control (Guidelines/Memo and Updates) and send to the L&C team and the required beneficiary.
  • Overall, in-charge for ALL BOC & PEZA Compliances under the guidelines & supervision of Compliance Manager.
  • Facilitate review of Peza RA, SA, LOA and adhere to relative compliance thereto.  In-charge of weekly reporting and monitoring, creation of the Peza Masterfile.
  • Peza registration and subsequent compliances/request such as but not limited to the following:
  1. submission of project brief for new or expansion projects;
  2. request letter of approvals as may be applicable;
  3. request certification for incentives;
  4. processing of import permits;
  5. processing of PEZA Permit Renewal;
  6. attend meetings/discussions at PEZA as needed; and
  7. process ITH Validation of ITH entitled sites.
  • Regularly monitors the Purchasing and IT Procurement Department regarding their purchases that involves PEZA Regulated Items/Equipment (for Farm-In).
  • Monitor/Track PEZA Compliance of clients for all sites in line with the PEZA Rectification Project.
  • Facilitate orientation of Peza Compliance to all concern departments based on the required documentation and compliance of different Peza processes (Zone Office, IMD)


 Minimum Competencies:

  • Good English (verbal and written) communication skills.
  • Knowledgeable on PEZA process – registration, renewal, delisting, etc.
  • Experience in handling basic compliance (LGU, BIR, DOLE, BFP) requirements is an added advantage.
  • Keen to Details.
  • Capable of multi-tasking and has good time management skills.
  • Experience in Windows application is a must.
  • People management skills


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Graduate of a bachelor’s degree Major in Accountancy, Finance, Management, Political Science
  • Minimum 1-year experience in BPO industry or shared companies