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Location: Taguig City, Metro Manila

Date Posted: 2023-08-02

Hiring Organization: KMC Solutions | INT-6F63718

Career Category: Legal / Compliance

The Purpose Driven Career Objectives of a Legal / Compliance at KMC:

The Senior Tax Associate assists in giving legal advice on all fields of law affecting the operations of the Company’s business. He/she is responsible for the drafting and reviewing of all legal documents and pleadings. He/she monitors and assists the team in their day-to-day tasks. 

To apply for Legal / Compliance, you are excellent at:

  • Tax related matters (from notices to CTA cases) 
  • Draft legal documents including but not limited to Secretary’s Certificate, affidavits, and certifications, and assist in the preparation and review contracts, policies, correspondences/memorandum, or other documents that need to be assessed 
  • Assist in the review of KYC documents of clients and work on vendor accreditation documentations 
  • Work with legal team in the monitoring of transactions affecting the corporate structure of the company 
  • Give legal advice on all fields of law affecting the operations of the company’s business such as but not limited to general commercial law, corporation law, taxation law, and labor law 
  • Work with the legal team in corporate housekeeping matters to make sure that the necessary filings are up to date and maintained properly 
  • Assist the company in legal proceedings where necessary (attend administrative hearings, court trials, preparation of pleadings, etc.) 
  • Oversee Visa Processing, all types 
  • Work with retained lawyers and other vendors regarding legal related matters 
  • Supervise Junior lawyers and/or legal specialists 
  • Monitoring of contracts, demands, delinquent accounts, IPO registration, BSP registration 
  • Monitors team’s daily tasks 
  • Maintains Corporate Housekeeping 
  • Attend internal and external meetings on time 
  • Prepares accurate and timely reports for the division, department and/or the company 
  • Render overtime work from time to time to ensure that department or company matters are attended to 
  • Attend ISO internal and external audits and draft ISO policies 
  • No ticketing SLA violation individually and as a group more than 5% of the total ticket count 
  • 24 hours email acknowledgement 
  • Other task/s as the immediate head may assign including support to other legal and compliance requirements handled by the legal team 
  • And such other tasks as may be given KMC and/or Clients analogous to the foregoing 

Your Success Profile includes:

    • Knowledge in drafting pleadings and other legal documents specially tax related matters
    • Good English communication skills (oral and written) 
    • Highly organized and with excellent multi-tasking skills 
    • Strong management skill 
    • Proficient in MS Office applications 
    • Attentive to every detail of a certain task/assignment