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Styling and Upcycling Workshop
Styling and Upcycling Workshop

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Styling and Upcycling


How does your closet look like right now? Are you having difficulty organizing it? Do you want to streamline your clothes and build a more personalized wardrobe?


Join our first run of "Conscious Closet Series" where you could learn how to create a "sustainable" / "conscious" wardrobe and take the first step of your fashion sustainability journey!


In this workshop, you will be able to (1) master your style and gain insights or tips from styling & wardrobe expert; and (2) learn how to upcycle unwanted/used clothing pieces while creating another value to these items instead of just throwing them away which could end up in landfill as textile waste.



Early Bird Tickets = P350 (for those who will register until September 20)

Regular Tickets = P500


Payment Details:

(Please send screenshot or proof of payment within 48 hours to [email protected] to secure your slot)


1. BPI account details:

Account Name: Sheila Mae Naghisa L. Amorsolo

Account No.: Savings Account 8379163646


2. Union Bank account details:

Account Name: Sheila Mae Naghisa A. Fuentes

Account No.: Savings Account 109350739020


3. G-Cash details:

Account Name: Sheila Mae Naghisa Fuentes

Mobile No.: 09175415991