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The KMC Startup Awards, co-presented by Bossjob and in partnership with Philippine Startup Week, QBO Innovation Hub, Kaya Founders, Uniquecorn Strategies, 917 Ventures, Sinigang Valley, and Amazon Web Services, is a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurial brilliance. This event is dedicated to recognizing exceptional startups and visionary entrepreneurs who are driving transformative change across industries. Guests will experience the exciting moment of winner announcements, connect with industry trailblazers, and discover cutting-edge innovations through the startup exhibition. Our objective is to craft an unforgettable evening of acknowledgment, inspiration, and jubilation for all attendees.


Event Details

Nomination Ends: November 10, 2023

Awards Night: November 24, 2023

Venue: 6F KMC One Ayala

Address: EDSA corner, Ayala Ave, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila


Event Timeline



KMC Startup Awards Winners

Meet the exceptional minds behind the triumph of KMC Startup Awards – pioneers who have redefined the future of innovation. Join us in celebrating their remarkable achievements and groundbreaking contributions that continue to shape the landscape of entrepreneurship.

See full list of winners

Why Join?

Prepare for an evening filled with innovation, celebration, and inspiration at the KMC Startup Awards!
Join us for an unforgettable night dedicated to recognizing exceptional startups and visionary entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of industries.



Gain Exposure and Credibility
Participating in the KMC Startup Awards gives you an opportunity to shine a spotlight on your business, elevating your profile, boosting credibility, and setting you apart in a competitive market.

Attract Top Talent

Attract Top Talent
By participating in these awards, you not only showcase your innovative achievements but also convey to potential employees that your business is a dynamic and industry-recognized workplace of choice.

Get Valuable Feedback

Get Valuable Feedback
Our esteemed panel of experts and judges offer indispensable feedback on your business — providing you with actionable insights to improve and grow your startup. It's like having a team of mentors who are deeply invested in your success.

Network Opportunities

Network Opportunities
The KMC Startup Awards offer a dynamic networking platform connecting you with peers, industry leaders, and potential investors, fostering opportunities for growth through partnerships and investments.

Validate Your Business Model

Validate Your Business Model
Recognition further signifies your business model's impact and market potential. This validation can be a game-changer, instilling confidence in your team, investors, and customers.



SUA Judge Lisa

Lisa Gokongwei
Summit Media

Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, a key player in the Philippine startup landscape, founded a leading lifestyle publisher and played a crucial role in digital transformation at JG Summit. Her extensive experience in Summit Media, Communitas Founders, and Kaya Founders positions her as a valuable resource for startups.

SUA Judge Kimberly

Kimberly Chen
Country Manager

Kimberly Chen, a serial entrepreneur and community builder, leverages her expertise in organization development and talent empowerment as the Country Manager of Bossjob. Her focus on innovative talent acquisition strategies and inclusivity makes her a valuable asset for startups seeking organizational excellence.

SUA Judge Ray

Ray Alimurung
General Partner
Kaya Founders

Ray Alimurung, MBA from Stanford and M.D. from the University of the Philippines, led Lazada Philippines, expanding reach and global partnerships. Now, a General Partner at Kaya Founders' Zero to One Fund, shaping the Philippine startup scene with digital commerce expertise.

SUA Judge Paulo

Paulo Campos
Founding Managing General Partner
Kaya Founders

Harvard Business School grad Paulo Campos III co-founded and led Zalora Philippines to online retail success in 2011, revolutionizing Philippine retail. He later founded Kaya Founders, making 40+ early-stage startup investments, showcasing his entrepreneurial drive and leadership in the Philippine startup scene.

SUA Judge Mike

Michael McCullough
Chief Executive Officer
KMC Solutions

As MD & Co-founder of KMC Group, Michael McCullough oversees real estate teams handling major tenant representation projects, focusing on delivering scalable and flexible workspace solutions for diverse businesses.

SUA Judge Greg

Gregory Kittelson
KMC Solutions

Gregory Kittelson co-founded three Manila-based companies with expertise in IT-BPO, tech startups, and real estate. His extensive experience covers tech startups, outsourcing, business consulting, recruitment, real estate, and angel investments, making him a valuable resource for startups.

SUA Judge Ben

Ben Alderson
Head of Investments
IdeaSpace Investments

Ben, a UK national with a diverse career across continents, made a successful transition from corporate to startup roles in 2017, excelling as a founder, mentor, accelerator manager, and venture capital investor, offering valuable insights to startups.

SUA Judge Alwyn

Alwyn Rosel
Head of Startup Development Program
IdeaSpace (QBO)

Alwyn Joy Rosel, a seasoned startup advocate, drives startup development at IdeaSpace-QBO, and her roles as a Technical Panel Member for DOST-PCIEERD and a global jury member for the Wadhwani Foundation's National Entrepreneurship Network bring valuable expertise to the startup ecosystem.


Startup of the Year

Celebrates a standout startup achieving remarkable success through innovation, rapid growth, and industry impact.



Emerging Leader of the Year

An award co-presented by Bossjob, which celebrates a rising star with innovation and determination, rapidly emerging as a force in the dynamic startup landscape.


Outstanding Marketing Campaign

Celebrating startups that have executed exceptionally creative and impactful marketing campaigns.


Tech Innovator Award

Highlighting a pioneer pushing technology boundaries, creating revolutionary solutions that shape the future.


Customer Excellence Award

Commending a startup that excels in customer satisfaction, setting new standards for service and loyalty.


Most Innovative Startup Award

Recognizing a trailblazing startup that challenges norms, reshapes industries, and showcases groundbreaking innovation.


Outstanding Brand Development Award

Celebrating a startup that crafts an impactful brand identity, effectively resonating with its audience through values and uniqueness. 


Innovation in Design

Highlighting startups that have demonstrated outstanding design innovation in their products or services.


Sustainable Business Practice Award

Celebrating startups that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, contributing significantly to the green economy in the Philippines.


Social Impact Award

Honoring startups driving impactful social change through their products, services, or operations.





The KMC Startup Awards welcome startups from the Philippines with a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years of operational history as of the submission deadline. Eligibility spans across diverse industries, encompassing technology, healthcare, finance, and more, offering nominees the opportunity to submit entries for multiple award categories, contingent upon meeting the respective category criteria.

Awards Ceremony

The KMC Startup Awards ceremony will take place on November 24, 2023 at KMC One Ayala, Makati.

Finalists and winners will be recognized during the ceremony.

Submission Deadline

All entries must be submitted online by November 10, 2023.

Publicity and Media

Upon submitting an entry, nominees consent to the use of their company name, logo, and other submitted materials by KMC Startup Awards organizers for promotional and media-related purposes associated with the awards event.

Submission Process

All entries must be submitted via the official KMC Startup Awards submission portal and must include all necessary documents and information as outlined for the selected award category.

Feedback and Inquiries

For any questions or inquiries regarding the submission process or the awards event, nominees can contact the KMC Startup Awards organizers at [email protected]

Confidential Information

To safeguard sensitive or confidential information within the submission, nominees are encouraged to clearly indicate it by using highlighting or red font color. The KMC Startup Awards organizers will implement measures to ensure the protection of such confidential content.

Categories and Criteria

Nominees are encouraged to carefully review the award categories and their specific criteria before submitting entries.

Review and Evaluation

A panel of expert judges will assess entries based on the criteria specified for each award category, with their decisions deemed as final and binding.

Document Preparation

Nominees should ensure that all required documents are well-prepared, organized, and adhere to any formatting guidelines provided.

You may use the entry form template here: Download Template

Notification of Nominees

Nominees will be notified of their status as finalists in advance of the awards ceremony.

Submission Deadline Extension

Any request for an extension of the submission deadline must be made in writing to the KMC Startup Awards organizers well in advance of the original deadline.



1. What is the KMC Startup Awards event?

The KMC Startup Awards, in partnership with QBO Innovation Hub and Kaya Founders is an event that celebrates and recognizes outstanding startups and visionary entrepreneurs in the Philippines. It showcases the innovation, excellence, and contributions of startups to various industries.

2. Who can participate in the KMC Startup Awards?

The KMC Startup Awards is open to startups based in the Philippines. Startups should have been in operation for a minimum of one year as of the submission deadline.

3. How can I submit my startup for consideration in the awards?

To submit your startup for consideration, please visit the official KMC Startup Awards submission portal and follow the guidelines for your chosen award category.

4. Are there entry fees for the KMC Startup Awards?

No, there is no entry fee. Your participation includes access to the event as well as complimentary food and cocktails.

5. What are the award categories available for nomination?

The award categories vary from year to year and may include categories such as Startup of the Year, Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, Tech Innovator Award, and more. Please refer to the official KMC Startup Awards website for the most up-to-date list of categories.

6. Who judges the entries for the KMC Startup Awards?

Entries are evaluated by a panel of expert judges with extensive experience in the startup ecosystem and relevant industries. The judges' decisions are final and binding.

7. When and where will the KMC Startup Awards ceremony take place?

The KMC Startup Awards happens on November 24, 2023, 6:00PM-10:00PM at KMC One Ayala Makati.

8. Is there a process for appealing the judges' decisions?

No, the judges' decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

9. How can I stay updated on the latest news and updates about the KMC Startup Awards?

For any questions or inquiries regarding the submission process or the awards event, nominees can contact the KMC Startup Awards organizers at [email protected]

10. Who can I contact for inquiries about the KMC Startup Awards?

For any questions or inquiries related to the KMC Startup Awards, please contact our team at [email protected]

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