Picadilly Star

  • KMC SkyDeck

Capacity: 100 (seated) 150 (standing)


Access to Power Source, Wifi Connection, Holding Areas and Catering Prep Area, Bar, Water, Coffee, Male & Female Restrooms. Availability of Parking Area in the area

Cyber Sigma

  • KMC Cyber Sigma Pantry
Open Area

Capacity: 80 seated, 100-120 Standing


Tables, Chairs, LED screen, Power socket access, Wifi, Sink and Dishwashing Area, Bar setup.

Great For:

Cocktail Parties, Product Launches, Seminars, Forums.

  • KMC Cyber Sigma Training Room
Training Room

Seating Capacity: 20


Projector with Screen. Collapsable Tables with Chairs, Power Sockets, Availability of a Parking Area

Recommended Events:

Training, Exams, Meetings, Seminars, Yoga & Dance Classes.