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Workspace & Mentorship For Your Startup

Space for Ingenious

KMC Solutions and Impact Hub Manila unite to provide a 6-month incubation Program for your Startup through three business components

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We'll provide conducive workspaces for your Startup operations at our newest top-of-the-line facilities, with breakout, meeting rooms. and amenities for you to utilize.

With our partner, Impact Hub Manila, we’ll give you a Global Passport to connect with the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world.

We’ll help you scale and mature through mentoring support from thought leaders and subject matter experts who will impart relevant experiences and strategies.

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Startup Growth: Asking the Right Questions
August 15, 2018
Problem-solution fit must be prioritized by startups and SMEs that want to captivate their target audience. Today, we'll discuss how to make the right business decisions through questions that address both your consumers' concerns and your own.


Business Incorporation 101: Setting Up Operations in the Philippines
August 08, 2018
Business Incorporation in the Philippines is a lengthy process, but if you follow each step correctly, there's much to reap. Visit our website to learn more about the steps in setting up business operation in the Philippines.


SFI Startup Marketing: Forming the Core of the Business
July 31, 2018
Startups and SMEs must focus on developing the foundations of their respective companies before entering profit-generating ventures. When building up a company, there are four factors to be considered: purpose, storytelling, content, and inbound marketing.



Send in your application for a chance to join Space for Ingenious Batch 02!

Finalists to be announced on the beginning of Q4.