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Regional Commerce

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership & Regional Commerce with an emphasis in Regional Commerce program combines theory-based coursework with an applied component, which involves working with local economic development professionals, economists, and business leaders through internships, research projects and business plan development. This approach allows students to build the knowledge and skills of a small business professional and apply those competencies in real-time.

The program includes coursework in market planning, entrepreneurship, small business development, global commerce, tourism and entertainment, and the impact of service and trade. Students will complete core applied science courses to build workforce-applicable skills in ethics, management, critical thinking and analysis, statistics, technical writing, and more. The program culminates in a capstone where students develop and implement a real-world business plan.

Students with an Associate of Applied Science degree in business, marketing, management, accounting or other related field are preferred. There are professional admission requirements to the Bachelor of Applied Science programs, including a resume and goal statement.

Graduate Certificate

CAREER LEVEL: Undergraduate

Graduate Certificate

DEGREE: Bachelor of Applied Science

COLLEGE: College of Applied Science and Technology