Coworking: A Startup's Best Alternative to Having an Office

3/14/2022 | By Marella Gimenez

Coworking: A Startup’s Best Alternative to Having an Office

Although coworking spaces have been present for a while, especially in foreign countries, it is still a relatively new idea. That's why its definition, even description, is still vague to many.

Some think of a coworking space as just a desk and wifi provided to freelancers at a shared office area. It can be, but it can also be more than that. Just as the business world's fast-paced evolution, coworking spaces and providers, have also evolved and improved their services.

So why use a coworking space?

Working in cafes or the comfort of your homes may be okay for a while. However, you will realize that a typical work setting is necessary for concentration, inspiration, and increased productivity in the long run.

You'll find that the tiny aspects you previously overlooked must now be addressed. This includes ensuring that the internet is working properly, organizing your equipment, cleaning your workstation, and gaining access to the techs, among others. You must build a professional image without jeopardizing your budget or incurring excessive expenses. Also, setting a prime location for your business must be emphasized enough.

A coworking space lets you focus entirely on your business. It saves you from wasting ample time on facility and equipment upkeep. It also enables you to participate in a community of business professionals and even have the chance for collaboration. It allows you to pursue new opportunities and step out of your comfort zone for the better.

And the most significant differentiator? These are all for a reasonable fee. These perks are — at its finest, convenient.

Hence, coworking for startups has become the standard. It is the epitome of a flexible, cost-efficient, and collaborative space not just for startups but for big and small business owners.

Coworking spaces are the best alternative for the workforces of today. Still, to many, it remains to be seen whether coworking spaces are sufficient alternatives to typical office environments. To help you understand why this article will cite the many advantages and benefits that coworking brings for startups and remote workers alike.

What are the types of coworking spaces available?

1. Open workspaces

Open workspaces translate most people's understanding of coworking spaces. These coworking spaces accommodate members from different teams, companies, industries, or even individual freelancers.

They occupy a single, large shared space where hot desks or dedicated desks are provided in addition to the standard office furniture and equipment.

2. Private workspaces

Opting with a more private space for your large team is also possible with coworking through private workspaces. The polar opposite of open workspaces, private coworking spaces allows companies to lease an office room or dedicated area specifically for their employees.

3. Industry-specific

Most of the time, members seek out industry-specific coworking spaces to spark creativity and potential collaboration. Industry-specific workspaces are designated for members who work in a similar field or share a career path.

For instance, in KMC, coworking spaces may be dedicated solely to art-related works, such as video editors and graphic designers.

4. Venture/Incubators

These workspaces are designed for purposes slightly different than those of other workspaces. Venture or incubators are designed to attract, support, and help fund companies and startups grow.

7 Reasons Why a Coworking Space is the Best Alternative to Having an Office for your Startup Business

1. Lots of networking opportunities

Among the many things that startups and businesses alike need to grow is networking, which is achieved through exposure and working with like-minded professionals.

Coworking spaces give off endless opportunities for people to interact with other individuals working in the same field as theirs. While you engage through conversation, you network and build your connection. You get to feel and observe other professionals' work and habits then, perhaps, recruit them to be part of your team.

Coworking makes it easier to establish and expand your business.

2. Increased team productivity

While flexible working gives people the option to work at the 'comfort' of their homes, it also has its drawbacks.

Working at home affects your focus because the bed is usually just a few steps away. When you have children, they tug your shirt into playtime most of the time. You are also in charge of keeping your techs and equipment clean and in order.

In a nutshell, your productivity is significantly reduced. But with bringing your work to coworking spaces, your worries are reduced to simply getting your work done.

The distractions you worry about are taken cared of for you: utilities, cleanliness, and how to run your workplace. You get control over most things, including time, as most coworking spaces are open 24/7. At coworking spaces, it's easier to activate your 'work mode' on.

3. Creativity boost

More than having conducive, convenient, and fresh office spaces to boost your creativity, coworking spaces are also great collaborative spaces where members' creative sides are shared.

Working at a coworking space allows you to tap into the creativity that comes from being surrounded by like-minded people. These help your mind come up with fresh ideas and, sometimes, even see things in a different light. It does increase not only creativity but also growth in your field.

4. More collaboration opportunities

Coworking takes down the barrier that prohibits collaboration of like-minded professionals -- location. Working close to the business community where you belong facilitates collaboration.

This usually follows after a casual conversation where ideas are encouraged and exchanged. Coworking sure does make wonders, especially for startups who seek collaboration to help establish their business more.

5. Perks with the space

Proximity to business centers is everything for startups and newly-established businesses alike. Lucky for them, providing a prime location is just one of the many perks that coworking spaces offer.

Aside from strategic locations, here are other essential features that coworking spaces put forth to startups and the like:

  • Cost-efficient

    One of the many reasons startups and companies give up traditional office setups is its high cost. But with coworking, members receive the same equipped and strategic office set up at a lower, more flexible lease.

    Unlike traditional, long-term office leases, coworking spaces offer short-term leases such as monthly rates with perks worth its cost. You have the ultimate option to pay for no more than the space you need.

  • Exclusive perks

    Coworking spaces also offer discounts to members and patrons. They also offer conveniences that employees need once in a while, such as free snacks, coffee, and, occasionally, a liquor or two.

    There were even coworking spaces, such as KMC, that offer unlimited fruit-infused water to its members and coffee especially brewed for them.

  • Free monthly events

    Companies who rent coworking spaces and offices for their employees can also have free monthly use of the more significant coworking utilities. This includes free use of board and meeting rooms every month.

    At KMC, members are given free access to exclusive and complimentary events such as their annual Foam party and the KMC Sunset Collective.

  • Access to a community of like-minded and diverse individuals in business

    Especially startups, also need to be part of a flourishing business community. With coworking, they get to be part of an environment and culture that values hard work and dedication.

    Even if you are working freelance, it is no reason to isolate yourself from diverse business world individuals. Coworking spaces alleviate this sense of isolation. It is a great way to meet individuals who share your interests and push your comfort zone a little bit. They may be key to more opportunities coming your way.

6. Flexibility

Coworking spaces offer a wide array of very flexible agreements to cater to members' needs. Aside from the short and long-term leases, you also have the option to work during the day or night. Coworking spaces allow this since they are open almost all the time.

Downsizing and upgrading of office spaces are also allowed in many flexible coworking agreements. Members can select whether or not to keep their membership after trying out coworking for some time. You can try coworking, get the feel of it, and decide whether to continue or cancel membership.

Yes, cancellation of membership anytime you want is allowed through flexible agreements. After all, coworking places put a high value on the feeling of comfort and sense of community of its members.

For instance, KMC recently launched 'HQ • HUB • HOME. Passport Program.' It is yet another flexible business solution offered to ensure that businesses thrive safely even while the COVID19 pandemic continues to recur. KMC will create a customized workforce distribution plan for its clients and develop the most effective work setup and locations for them.

Get in touch with KMC to know more about this new flexible arrangement.

7. Happiness!

When joining coworking spaces, you get to choose the kind of environment you want to participate in. You surround your workspace with professionals who are equally driven and enthusiastic. When you are motivated, you are happy!

You have the energy to socialize and enjoy the fun amenities that coworking spaces offer you. With all the convenience that coworking spaces offer, your work becomes easier, and you feel good about yourself. It's easier to smile at the end of the day and to feel excited for the next day.

Use Coworking to your Advantage!

Using coworking spaces for startups is one big step to keep up with the business world's ever-changing setups. Sure, it is not for everyone, but for the most part, it is. The advantages and benefits of coworking outweigh its drawbacks, which not many dared to talk about.

Coworking spaces are not just alternatives for office spaces. It is the standard now for office spaces. It is the norm now for workplaces. With the increase of freelancers, flexible remote workers, and potential startups, coworking is sure to stay and prosper.

So, if you are part of the community of remote workers, freelancers, and startups, coworking clearly works to your advantage. The concept of coworking spaces may be new to some, but many startup businesses speak highly of coworking spaces. It has been credited as a turning point in expanding, improving, and growing their business.

Know more about the advantages, perks, and flexible setup of coworking spaces with us at KMC. Our team is here to help you learn more about the benefits and conveniences of coworking spaces.

KMC is one of the premier coworking space providers in the country. Currently, we operate in the business centers of Bonifacio Global City, Quezon City, Alabang, Mandaluyong, Ortigas, Cebu City, Clark, and Iloilo. KMC only provides the most convenient and world-class workspaces that are 24/7.

We ensure you work comfortably at your own pace by providing the support you need. The sooner you reserve your coworking space, the better. Save time now and choose to book your coworking space at KMC!


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