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Upskilling Through Digital Learning

Meet the demands of the current workforce by advancing your career and preparing for the future! Industry practitioners discussed how to progress in your career by maximizing the opportunities of a world-class education.

As COVID-19 continue to disrupt workforces, here are some of the reasons to upskill during these tough times:

  • Upskilling makes an employee a more valuable asset and helps provide more job security. As roles are changing, now more than ever it is important to keep skills up to date.
  • The shift in operations and rise in using remote models introduced challenges we need to address on the core of the way we work and learn on the job.
  • New directives from the company raised by new demands from clients require new skills.
  • Upskilling helps an employee to be placed in a more competitive position, allowing them to attract growth opportunities despite the economic downturn.
  • Learning in the areas of work that one is not confident enough about improves performance and increases job satisfaction.


  • The University of Arizona at KMC Solutions - overview & educational opportunities
  • Introduction to KMC Solutions
  • Overview of the admissions process