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Do mistakes measure you or fuel you? Research shows that your answer to this question is rooted in your mindset – your belief on whether your intelligence, your traits are innate and fixed or to be grown and developed.  It is this very belief, this mindset that could spell the difference between realising your potential or blocking it. 


This fourth training session entitled, “Improving Motivation in the Workplace: Transformative Power of Mindset” will be facilitated by Coach Pia Buckham, Co-Founder of Cooee Inc. 


In this session, we will look to understand the 2 dominant mindsets and find answers to the questions: What shapes our mindset? How does it manifest itself in us and in others? How does it impact our performance, our growth and development? How can we use our understanding of these mindsets to lessen the situations that are stressful to us? 


To register, email with the complete attendee’s details (name, designation, email address) on or before Wednesday, April 10. *Participation includes morning snacks, coffee/tea, handouts and training certificate 





Expectations from the training

  1. Understand the science behind your growing mind 

  2. Gain perspective on how your mindset can hold you back or propel you forward 

  3. Learn to recognize your mindset and those of others as one of the ways to improve motivation in the workplace 



About the Speaker

Pia is one of ANZCHAM’s most requested resource speakers. 

She graduated accountancy from the University of the Philippines and after working in several financial institutions, joined Deutsche Bank in 2005 with the goal of developing and exposing Filipino talent to the world. She won the Bank’s Manager of the year in 2012. Having reshaped her own leadership style in a way that fulfilled her sense of purpose, she left to focus on building Brain-based coaching programmes to help Managers and Team Leads in their every day conversations and interactions  

Their belief in the power of connecting and reconnecting with one’s sense of self and sense of others is what prompted Pia and her husband, Kris, to co-found Cooee, Inc., a company that is anchored on a commitment to flourish human potential through awareness, empathy and a growth mindset.

Date & Time

Thu, April 11, 2019
08:00 AM to 11:30 AM


KMC 5F V Corporate Centre, LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati

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