Outsourcing has never been this easy

Outsourcing has never been this easy

Build a remote team with high-caliber talent that's perfectly suited for your business. KMC’s staff leasing services make it easier for you to recruit, manage, and collaborate with your offshore team, as well as save you up to 70% on reduced costs.

Grow your business with:

  • Unrestricted access to the Philippines’ large and educated talent pool
  • Access to a high supply of top technical talent
  • Complete management by KMC of your remote team’s HR & Payroll
  • Curated and tailor-fitted distributed work arrangements
  • Forward-thinking office spaces and conducive work environments in over 20+ locations
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Outsourcing has never been this easy

5 Reasons Why You Need Teams


Less administrative work through offshoring 

KMC Solutions will take care of all the administrative requirements, allowing you to focus more on income-generating activities and maintaining your business' competitive edge.


Reduce costs

Staff leasing with us will allow you to save on overhead costs that you would normally spend on equipment and space for employees instead. We additionally give your remote team access to KMC flexible workspaces if you want the option of giving them a conducive work environment. 


Full suite of additional managed Services

We additionally provide a comprehensive set of HR & Payroll services to go along with our staff leasing model. This is designed to optimize your team’s management of their compensation, benefits, and records that help improve the process efficiency. 


Access to local top talents

Have access to a diverse and highly qualified, English-speaking talent pool here in the Philippines as we leverage our expertise in finding top talents needed for their roles. You no longer have to worry about a language barrier and can communicate flawlessly with your team.


Expertise in compliance

We can coordinate with tax agencies and other offices to comply with the required paperwork needed for your new staff. With this, employers can smoothly comply with the local labor laws and easily integrate their new employees to their business.

Build your Dream Team in 5 Easy Steps

  • Free Initial Consultation

    Calibration meeting with Client and KMC HR Team to discuss specific talent needs, goals and job descriptions for your future team in the Philippines. During this initial meeting, we will also outline potential costs and salaries for your intended positions. 

  • Sourcing & Initial Interview

    We leverage our excellent employer branding and reputation to attract the best possible talent in the Philippines. We tap multiple job portals, social media platforms, engage executive search techniques and roll out Employee Referral programs to gather resumes. 

  • Contract Signing

    Once successful candidates are identified, KMC prepares the employment offer and contract, then extends them as soon as approval is received. Compensation and benefits packages, as well as KPIs, are clearly defined and start date is agreed upon with candidates.

  • Employee Onboarding & Set Up

    Upon employee signing, we provide the facilities, IT, and all the tools and equipment your offshore team requires to deliver the results you need. We can place your team at any of our fully equipped and flexible office spaces in Metro Manila, Cebu, Clark or Iloilo.

  • Continuous KMC Support

    The HR, Admin and IT team at KMC will be at you and your new employees’ disposal allowing you to focus on core objectives and manage your offshore team directly.

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Why Staff Leasing with KMC is the right move

Why Staff Leasing with KMC is the right move

We provide your business with unmatched end-to-end support in creating a highly capable business unit in one of the largest English-speaking populations in the world. Our fully managed business solution lets KMC assist you seamlessly in building and operating your offshore team.

Easily collaborate with us in completing your dream team with outstanding players while still retaining overall oversight and control of your employees. Simply tell us what you need in a team and leave the bulk of the work to us!

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Why Staff Leasing with KMC is the right move