Dedicated Staff VS. Freelancer

9/13/2021 | By Marella Gimenez

dedicated staff VD freelancer

In response to the pandemic, most businesses opted to utilize remote working. The world witnessed how companies transitioned from on-site working to working from their homes. Undeniably, it has quickly become the norm of most industries.

If you have plans on developing or expanding a business, hiring support must be one of your top priorities. Since good employees are one of the key factors that ensure success, you are responsible for their growth and professional development. But you can also take note that you have multiple options in hiring or outsourcing.

Do you want to hire dedicated staff or outsource freelancers? Both have pros and cons. In this article, we will tackle their differences, advantages, and disadvantages. Through this, you can decide whichever suits your company.

What’s the Difference?

Dedicated staff and freelancers share similar aspects. Both can have the knowledge and skills about the job. But you need to keep in mind that they also have massive differences in terms of management. Freelancers work on their time, and are self-employed. Moreover, they work for other companies or clients. Consequently, dedicated staff can work full-time or part-time. They are also committed to a single client therefore only being dedicated to who hired them.

What is a freelancer?

Freelancers work as an independent company that offer services. They are typically separate from a client, and they can also be referred to as independent contractors.

Freelancers can be hired by companies to work short term on a specific project or on a per project basis. However, they do not receive the same compensation as full-time employees. Also, they do not have the same level of commitment like permanent employees.

Most common freelance jobs are in the creative industry. It includes graphic designing, photography, transcription, and copywriting.

What is a dedicated staff and a dedicated team model?

The dedicated team model is defined by the client and service provider. For instance, if you are looking for a marketing team that can work on a specific project, the service provider can provide staff or employees just for that.

The management of the team depends on the client. They can work under the supervision of the client or work remotely. The team can also work from the service provider’s office. They can gather and work during regular hours.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelancer


They Cost Less
In most cases, freelancers are cheaper and easier to find. You won’t need to provide them insurance, paid leaves, and materials to do the job. Also, they are in-charge of deducting their own taxes.

Control of Access on More Talent
Most likely, you will find talent from digital platforms dedicated to networking with individual contractors. You can find them through platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, or LinkedIn. These websites feature and give access to a large range of jobs and people who can do these jobs for you.

No Supervision Needed
When working with a freelancer, you can expect that they will produce and deliver the output you need. And they won’t need strict supervision, as long as you inform them of exactly what you need and the deadline of when you’ll be needing it. If you want to change or edit their work, you can request them to make necessary changes.


They can disappear
While there are passionate and determined freelancers, some can suddenly disappear while in the middle of a project. Because we cannot work with them in person and verify their identity, we cannot assure they will work through the whole duration of their project. Since clients can’t supervise them directly, it would be beneficial if you screen through the candidates thoroughly.

Can Be Unreliable
Working with a freelancer means you are working with someone who accommodates multiple clients. This means that you are not their only priority. Some freelancers can’t meet the deadlines and requirements needed by the companies.

You are responsible for the risk
In any business, there are risks. But because freelancers work remotely, you cannot ensure that your information and your business’ intelligent property is completely secure. Working with them remotely poses this risk but to ensure privacy, make sure to validate their identity and write up a contract that guarantees they adhere to your terms.

Pros and cons of hiring a dedicated team or staff


Implementing a dedicated team model to your business is less inexpensive compared to in-house employees. For instance, there are countries that can offer lower cost of services. These people can provide high-quality output without costing you too much.

Maximum focus on the client’s project
Since they are hired to accomplish the given tasks of only one client, they will prioritize your project. More than that, they will work specifically for you on your designated time because they don’t cater to multiple clients.

The team is fully managed by the client
The client can assess, manage, and monitor the team working on specific projects. You won’t need to worry about the deadlines because you can track their progress.

Tight-knit work of client and team
The client and team can work collaboratively to achieve the goals of the company. They can communicate and participate in other processes like brainstorming because you are establishing a longer term relationship with them.

You can establish a dedicated team model for a long period. This can help your business grow and evolve quickly. Most importantly, they can commit to working with you long term.


Hiring process might take time
The service provider can ensure a high-quality team. However, hiring or outsourcing expertise and specialists in the field can be challenging thus making the hiring process longer.

Signs That You Should Hire a Dedicated Team

Launching or expanding a business is a fulfilling and challenging task. It requires capital, including cash, supplies, and employees. It also means that you would need reliable and proficient team members. However, it takes time to qualify, hire, and build a team that will deliver the results you want. Here’s how you will know that you need to implement a dedicated team model for your business.

You are new to the market
It’s easy to get lost in the business landscape if you are new. Fortunately, with the help of dedicated teams you can become more immersed in your respective industry’s landscape. Although getting the right people to train and onboard will take time and is a complex process. Thus, affecting the timeline of your business launch.

You’re still on the discovery stage
If you still don’t have the teams that can work with you, and you are still in the decision stage, it would be more helpful to work with experts that can provide suggestions. They can also help you in brainstorming and establishing the business.

You have a long-term project
Through the establishment of a dedicated team model, you can ensure that the staff can work for long-term projects. This may be suitable for your business if you want high-quality service or products. Most importantly, you can ensure their commitment and loyalty.


If you are new to the industry, or still discovering the path you want to make for your business, or want to work on a long-term project, the best option would be hiring a dedicated team. They can help you to grow and evolve in this rapidly changing era.

They can prove to be essential to your success because they are dedicated to accomplishing the goals you have set for them.

Conversely, if you are only working on a small and short-term project, you can work with freelancers. With the vast network of individual contractors and the recent boom of the gig economy, one can guarantee there are freelancers for every job function that can get the work done.

Kickstart Your Business with a Dedicated Team

When you hire a dedicated team, there are various benefits to the business. Hiring an employee is time-consuming and complex. Through the help of service providers, they can assist you with the recruitment process and payroll management.

One of the crucial aspects in business is human capital management, payroll management, recruitment, and training process. Partnering with KMC can help you avoid these struggles. With their Payroll and HR specialists, you can ensure that your business can focus on bigger opportunities and revenue-generating activities.


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