KMC and The Coding School Launches Coding PH: A Coding Masterclass for Adults and Kids

1/14/2019 | By Kyle Edriel Tomagan

kmc and coding school

The Coding School, one of the country’s pioneers in web development programs, partnered up with KMC to release Coding PH, a program offering a selection of coding courses and programs built to augment or foster coding skills for both professionals and newcomers, as well as basic game development for children.

Future-Ready Working Professionals

Coding PH was developed with the idea of equipping working professionals with the skills to stay competent in a digital workforce environment. KMC and The Coding School kicked off their partnership by launching a series of classes tackling web development, data analytics, and python with the Coding and Pizza Night last January 10 at KMC V Corporate Centre. This will bring accessible skill development classes to KMC's clients and allow more locations for TCS classes convenient to business locations.

Program Courses

program courses

Coding PH offers various coding courses for professionals, giving each working professional the flexibility to choose their preferred course. The three types of schedules are: Short course after work, Learn-After-Work Weekdays, and Learn-After-Work Saturdays.

The program courses are as follows:

  • Web Dev Basics - attendees will go through the basics of creating a website using HTML and CSS technologies.
  • Python Basics - attendees create and compile Python applications and solve simple problems through coding
  • ACE Courses - These are certificate courses designed for professionals that want to transition into a web development career, as well as bolster the skills of web developers. The programs involved in these ACE courses include: Front End Web Development, Web Development with React JS, Data Analytics with Python, and Python Data Science and Machine Learning.

Debunking Coding Myths


Coding has been the subject of confusion for many professionals outside of the web development field. One of Coding PH’s goals throughout their different curriculums is to demystify myths surrounding web development.

Myths such as coding is difficult, coding is only for coders, and it’s too late to learn how to code will be debunked. This is especially important given the business advantage that web development provides. In fact, JPMorgan Chase has mandated investment bankers and asset managers to learn coding.

In addition, knowledge of coding is also practical from a professional development standpoint. Multiple positions actually pay better if the employees have a coding background. Just a few of these jobs include Social Media Specialists, Content Creators, Designers, and Entrepreneurs.

Numerous individuals have also proven that age and a different livelihood are not hurdles in learning coding. Shirley M. McKerrow, a former politician and business owner, learned coding at 84, while Steve Deddens, a retired pilot, became a Microsoft SE after learning coding at age 71.

For professionals that want to enhance their skills and future-proof themselves in a heavily digitized workforce, The Coding School is happy to announce that sign-ups for Coding PH are still ongoing. For interested parties, please check out the Coding at KMC to learn more.

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