Why Tom Morgan Trusts in the Philippines’ IT Talent Pool

4/5/2020 | By Marella Gimenez


Founded in 1996, ASG is a leading, Australian-based IT business solutions provider that has accumulated an abundance of knowledge in the IT services industry. This collected information is then utilized to deliver diverse solutions to a wide range of technologies; which includes business intelligence, core business applications, middleware, and technical and hardware infrastructure.

For over two decades now, ASG has continued to consistently provide businesses with innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective IT services and solutions, offering clients a genuine alternative in the IT services landscape. They do this with their ability to provide complete digital transformation services through ASG’s capabilities that cover the complete spectrum of digital transformation and innovation including:

  • applications development
  • enterprise application
  • data and analytics
  • cloud and integration
  • security
  • managed services
  • emerging technologies

Building the offshore dream team

With the Philippines quickly becoming a hot spot for outsourcing and remote staffing, ASG set their sights on the country, confident that their business could further grow and cultivate overseas. The Philippines currently has 1.5 million people employed in the outsourcing industry and annually produces 37,000 IT graduates from internationally known universities every year. Meeting most of ASG’s important business needs, the company established operations in the Philippines in 2015.

Tom Morgan, the national manager for ASG Global In-House Center Philippines, manages over 80 people that attend to more than 20 clients based in Australia and Hong Kong. ASG Philippines is a fully unified, offshoring service within ASG’s business model, meaning it is ASG-owned and operated with its offshore team delivering cost-effective, quality, service-oriented outcomes.



PH as the top choice for your business

After planting roots in the Philippines, Tom Morgan wanted to get operations off the ground quickly to meet customer demand so an offshore option was needed as soon as possible. KMC was able to provide an end-to-end business solution with a seamless integration of services like staffing, recruitment, human resources, office and workstations, and IT and administrative support. This allowed ASG to swiftly set up business without the inconvenience of piecing together resources from several different suppliers. Morgan also states that it has helped them evolve, customize, and mature their operations to meet their employees’ needs and the needs of their clients.

Tom Morgan further described the ease of working with ASG’s Filipino team because of their close affinity to western culture and excellent English-speaking skills. He admires the values and traits that make Filipinos excellent team players, attributing it to their charitable and self-giving nature and their spirit of Bayanihan (or volunteerism); the belief that great accomplishments can be achieved through collective efforts. Being able to work in a thriving business landscape with the right set of people on his team, Tom Morgan has been able to lay down ASG’s roots here in the Philippines and continues to look for new business opportunities.

After finding the right partnership with KMC and setting up a business in one of the top outsourcing countries in the world, ASG has continued to give genuine alternatives to service providers and remains to be one of the leading IT business solution providers in the global market. From tapping into the country’s untapped IT talent pool, to quickly finding a space they can easily work out of, the company has further expanded their growth and managed to set up their business overseas with minimal trouble.

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