Frequently Asked Questions

  • Virtual Office Philippines
    • Can I use this address for business registration purposes?

      Yes. We have several packages and some of them includes the use of business address for registration. You may click on this link to view our different packages: KMC Virtual Office Packages

    • Will you help me register my company?

      This depends on your VO package. Please refer to this link to see which packages include business registration: KMC Virtual Office Packages

    • What are your Virtual Office Packages?

      You may click on this link to view our different packages: KMC Virtual Office Packages

    • Does this mean I cannot access your space?

      No. VO clients can still access the business lounges in our facilities.  

  • Careers
    • Do you accept interns?

      Yes. You may send your CVs to and don’t forget to put the position you are applying for in the subject line. 

    • How do I apply?

      Simply visit our careers page: Careers at KMC

    • Why do you have jobs under different company names?

      KMC Solutions have several staff leasing clients. These are foreign entities which will be starting their operation in the Philippines through KMC Solutions. Positions under this setup will be all under KMC, however, the team will be dedicated only to the foreign entity in the contract. There will be no transfer of accounts.  

  • Serviced Offices & Coworking Space
    • What is the difference between serviced office and a traditional office?

      Serviced offices are fully furnished offices wherein your service provider takes care of the administrative side of running an office space. It is a cheaper, faster, and more convenient way of getting an office in a prime location. On the other hand, a traditional office is a usual way of leasing out space. Typically, these are bare shell spaces wherein you would have to do all the construction, maintenance, and fitting out. 

    • What is the main difference between a serviced office and a coworking space?

      A coworking space is an area with workstations/desks which you would have to share with different people who are members of the space. On the other hand, a serviced office is a setup where you have your own private room/office, but you would have to share common areas such as pantry, meeting rooms etc.  

    • What are the inclusions?
      • Internet-enabled workstation with cubicle and chair 
      • IT Hardware (PC, Dual Screen, Peripherals) upon request
      • Building offers 100% backup power
      • Redundant Fiber Optic Internet connections with multiple gateways (2GBps Fiber Internet and 70+ Servers)
      • 24/7 access secured with biometrics and CCTV Cameras
      • 24/7 IT Support 
      • Complementary access to meetings rooms
      • VRF Airconditioning capable of 24/7(additional charge may apply) 
      • Unlimited access to shared business lounge and pantry 
      • Complimentary coffee and purified water provided
      • Inclusive of utilities (power and water)
      • Janitorial service (Monday to Friday)
      • Professionally managed reception with business lounge
      • On-Site Healthcare Professionals (during business hours)
    • Can I use it for business registration?


    • Is there a minimum contract term?

      None. We offer month to month contracts so that the clients will have flexibility and room to grow. However, clients who choose to have a longer contract tend to receive more favorable rates. 

    • Are KMC offices 24/7?

      All our sites are capable of 24/7 operations except SunLife Centre and Rufino Pacific Tower. Clients can access their office anytime, but operating 24/7 would have a surcharge on top of their monthly rate to cover additional air-conditioning and utility costs.  

    • I don’t have a company yet, can I lease a space?

      Sure! We can accommodate your requirement even if you are not registered in the Philippines yet if you have an entity abroad. We can also put you in touch with our sister company, Kittelson & Carpo Consulting which can assist you with your business registration requirement. 

    • Do you have a PEZA accredited site?

      Yes. Here is the list of our PEZA accredited sites. 

    • Do you provide computers?

      Yes. Clients could opt for renting computers from KMC, or they could also opt for purchasing computers through our procurement team with an additional service fee. 

  • Coworking
    • Do you have a space for big teams?

      Definitely! KMC Spaces are flexible and our offices can accommodate all team sizes. Our office spaces can accommodate a small team of 5 up to a big team of 220 in one room. 

    • Do you have more details per location of your coworking spaces?
    • How do I process my online booking?

      You can register in the KMC hub, select your location and payment method.

    • What are my payment options on coworking space?

      You can pay thru:

      • Check issuance
      • Bank Deposit
      • Wire Transfer
      • Paypal
    • What is the minimum period I can book via the KMC Hub?

      We only accept bookings for a minimum of 1 month.

    • What credentials I need during my on boarding for my coworking space?
      • For personal bookings you need to present any valid ID upon start date.
      • For Business Bookings you must submit a DTI Permit Or Business Registration Document upon your start date.
  • Staff Augmentation
    • Who can avail KMC’s staff augmentation/staff leasing service?

      This service is only for foreign entities who wish to outsource in the Philippines or start operations in the Philippines without the hassle of putting up an entity.  

    • Is KMC a recruitment firm/agency?

      No. We do not hire employees for local companies.  

    • Do you assist recruitment requirements from local entities?

      No. We cannot offer our staff leasing service to local entities.  

    • I have a foreign company and I want to enter the Philippine market. Why should I go for staff augmentation instead of putting a company in the Philippines?

      Instead of spending time and money to keep up with the various employment-related laws, tax filing policies, compliance requirements, and other payroll-related filings, KMC Solutions will take care of all the administrative requirements, allowing you to focus more on income generating activities and maintaining your business' competitive edge. 

    • I prefer to register my business in the Philippines. Can you assist me?

      Yes. Our sister company Kittelson & Carpo Consulting are experts in this field. We are more than happy to put you in touch with them.  

    • I already have employees. Do I still have to pay your recruitment services?

      No. These employees will just be transferred under KMCS’ corporate umbrella. However, all monthly recurring fees and initial fees still apply.  

    • If I go for your staff augmentation service, will I be able to get the employees if I decide to register the business in the future?

      Yes. Clients can put up an entity if they choose to; however, there would be certain fees charged per employee that will be transferred. We could also put you in touch with our sister company Kittelson & Carpo Consulting which can assist you with your business registration in the Philippines