Find Your Perfect Match: Why the Philippines Has Your Offshore Dream Team

Tired of talent shortages and soaring labor costs? Say hello to a skilled, passionate workforce waiting to propel your business to new heights. KMC, your trusted Employer of Record in the Philippines, connects you with top talent, maximizes savings, and simplifies growth.

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We work with over​ 400+ businesses across multiple​ industries with​ diverse size and​ staff requirements​

Building a thriving business today is no walk in the park. Finding the right talent can feel like searching for a unicorn, and skyrocketing wages are threatening to sink your expansion plans.

KMC offers a game-changer. We bridge the talent gap with a vibrant pool of Filipino professionals across diverse fields, from IT and customer service to finance and more. These aren't just skilled individuals, they're passionate, loyal, and ready to excel. Think of them as your secret weapon for explosive growth

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cost saving

Cost Savings that Shine

Slash your labor costs by up to 70% and watch your bottom line sing. KMC, your trusted Employer of Record (EOR), takes care of everything from recruitment to payroll, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.


retention rockstars

Retention Rockstars 

· Retention Rockstars: Say goodbye to revolving doors and hello to a rock-solid team. Our 86% retention rate is a testament to our commitment to creating a world-class employee experience. We're one of APAC's best workplaces, recognized by Great Place to Work® and Best Places to Work™, and it shows.

Full-Service Symphony

Full-Service Symphony

KMC orchestrates the entire journey. We're your one-stop shop for finding the perfect talent, ensuring seamless onboarding, and taking care of all the HR and compliance hassles. You focus on your goals, we handle the nitty-gritty.


Match Made talent

A Match Made Talent Heaven

We know finding the right fit is crucial. Our expert team meticulously matches your needs with the best Filipino talent, ensuring a synergy that sparks success.



KMC & Catch Group: A 6-Year Partnership

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the mesmerizing partnership of KMC and Catch Group. Like a symphony of brilliance, KMC, a premium offshore provider, orchestrates seamless excellence. Picture this: in a realm where time is of the essence, KMC not only found the right staff swiftly but also tailored their expertise to match Catch Group's needs at an astonishing pace. Experience Seamless Hiring, Elevate Your Success.


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