Human Resources and Payroll Management

Human resources management, consulting, and benefits administration are crucial aspects of the business. Managing the employees, however, can take up too much time and effort and can be very costly especially for entrepreneurs or business leaders who are already busy with revenue-generating activities. This task can also become more difficult when working with foreign laws and tax systems.

hr payroll services
Reduced costs

Through outsourcing your business' human resources and payroll functions, you can avoid hiring additional people for non-income generating tasks and save on overhead costs such as adding more equipment and space to accommodate and train additional employees.

hr payroll services fast and convenient
Fast and convenient setup

Once we have identified and discussed your requirements as well as the project's timeline, KMC Solutions will quickly setup your office together with the HR services that you need. Your business will continue to operate as usual with lesser downtime.

Full suite of HR and payroll services
Full suite of HR and payroll services

KMC Solutions offers comprehensive set of services that are designed to optimize our clients' talent management, reduce costs, and improve process efficiency.

Human resources management
Human Resources Management
  • Recruitment, selection, and deployment
  • Orientation and training
  • Termination and redundancy control
  • Compensation programs
  • Management and legal reports
KMC Solutions Payroll Services
Payroll Services
  • Time and attendance monitoring
  • Payslip generation
  • Government mandated remittances and reports
  • Updated report on payroll and tax
  • Handling labor management related issues
  • Employer access to employees' time record
KMC Solutions Payroll Services

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