Offshore Staff Leasing (Virtual Employees) in the Philippines

KMC offers Staff Leasing services in the Philippines. We provide full-time, dedicated remote staff or virtual employees working from private offices inside of our managed facilities in Metro Manila (Makati, BGC, Ortigas, QC), Cebu, and Iloilo. Our clients are given direct access to their employees over multiple channels (phone, Skype, email) while implementing their own systems, processes, and setting deliverables. Clients also have the option to work directly in the office with their dedicated leased staff.

As an Offshoring Company in the Philippines, KMC has uniquely positioned itself to provide value-added services to businesses overseas who would like to enter the market without going through the tedious process of incorporating local entities and dealing with the nuances of HR & Labor laws. With this method of doing business, KMC can help you initiate operations in the Philippines seamlessly.

KMC Technical Recruiters
KMCS Staff Leasing Steps
  • Client provides KMC with job descriptions
  • KMC sources then selects candidates
  • Client interviews and selects from short-listed candidates
  • KMC onboards employees with employment contracts
  • KMC provides private office for client's employees based on team size
KMC Meeting Room
Cut down on administrative costs

Instead of spending time and money to keep up with various employment laws, tax filing policies, compliance requirements, and other payroll-related filings, KMC's outsourcing service through Staff Leasing will take care of all the administrative requirements, allowing you to focus more on income generating activities and maintaining your business' competitive edge.

Comprehensive Benefits at Low Rates

KMC will help you provide the best benefits and compensation package for your leased staff at the lowest cost possible. Through our localized knowledge and expertise in Offshore Staffing, we are capable of creating a superior package that includes healthcare, life plans, and other benefits. 

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