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High performing teams that are built specially for you at a cost-effective rate

Build your very own dream team as you get unrestricted access to the best of the best talent from anywhere in the Philippines. Let KMC provide you with all the backend support you need as we recruit and hire employees for your offshore team, no matter the team size or industry.


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establish your remote team

Establish your remote team without any worries so you can get right to work

Easily collaborate with us in completing your dream team with star players while still retaining overall oversight and control of your employees. Simply tell us what you need in a team and leave the bulk of the work to us!


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Less administrative work through offshoring

Less administrative work through offshoring

KMC Solutions will take care of all the administrative requirements, allowing you to focus more on income-generating activities and maintaining your business' competitive edge.

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Less administrative work through offshoring
Reduced Cost

Reduced cost

Staff leasing with us will allow you to save on overhead costs that you would normally spend on equipment and space for employees instead. We additionally give your remote team access to KMC flexible workspaces if you want the option of giving them a conducive work environment.

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Full Suite of Additional managed services

Full suite of additional managed Services

Our private offices are located in ISO-certified Buildings, letting you experience better internal building management and excellent customer support with a globally recognized standard.

We additionally provide a comprehensive set of HR & Payroll services to go along with our staff leasing model. This is designed to optimize your team’s management of their compensation, benefits, and records that help improve the process efficiency.

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Full Suite of Additional managed services
Access to local top talent

Access to top local talent

Have access to a diverse and highly qualified, English-speaking talent pool here in the Philippines as we leverage our expertise in finding top talents needed for their roles. You no longer have to worry about a language barrier and can communicate flawlessly with your team.

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Expertise in Compliance

Expertise in compliance

We can coordinate with tax agencies and other offices to comply with the required paperwork needed for your new staff. With this, employers can smoothly comply with the local labor laws and easily integrate their new employees to their business.

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Expertise in Compliance
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We work with over​ 400+ businesses across multiple​ industries with​ diverse size and​ staff requirements​

Client Logos

Zoom: Zero to Hero in 6 Months in the Midst of a Pandemic

With Zoom becoming a quintessential tool in everybody’s new work setup, they have had to adapt their operations to further support their rapid growth. This is where their partnership with KMC comes in, providing them with high performing teams that have helped them continuously grow here in the Philippines.


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Interested in building your own high performing team?

Get in touch with us and let our KMC team answer all your inquiries! Further understand what your business needs are in terms of staff and remote teams, our experts are here to help you out.

Build Your Own Team

Create your Remote Team in 5 Easy Steps!

Free Initial Consultation (1)
Free Initial Consultation

This initial meeting with the client and KMC team is to discuss specific talent needs, goals, and job descriptions for your future team in the Philippines.

Contract Signing (1)
Contract Signing

Contract Signing Once an agreement is made with KMC, a contract is signed with the client that states the terms & conditions regarding the staff leasing services about to be rendered.

Sourcing & Initial Interview (1)
Sourcing & Initial Interview

KMC taps into the local talent pool to find the best candidates for you, leveraging their excellent employer branding and knowledge of the current job market.

Onboarding (1)

Once successful candidates are identified and have accepted the employment offer, we provide them with all the tools & facilities they need. This includes access to our fully-equipped workspaces.

KMC Team at your disposal (1)
KMC Team at your disposal

KMC Team at your disposal The KMC Support team will now be at you and your new staff’s disposal with any of your technical, administrative, or employee needs, allowing you to focus on core objectives.

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Manage & Scale a Team

Manage & Scale a Team that is Best Suited to your Business

Experience the ease of building your own high performing team as KMC assists you in recruiting and providing the best for your business’ employees. Have your top pick of the Philippines’ vast and diverse talent pool, perfectly suited for companies of all sizes. We provide for positions in these practices: Developers, Designers, IT, Engineering, Data Science, Digital Marketing & Content, Professional Services, Human Resources, Contact Center, and Administrative.

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Get your remote team set up straight away! Talk with our experts to learn how: