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About Us

KMC Community

KMC Solutions is currently the largest ISO-certified provider of flexible workspaces and staff leasing services in the Philippines, being first founded in 2010 and only starting out with 2 floors in a single building. Presently, KMC has the largest collection of coworking spaces around the country with 54 floors across 25 buildings and is proud to be trusted by some of the most innovative startups and established global brands when it comes to doing business in the Philippines.

KMC has now over a decade of experience in providing customer-centric, flexible work solutions to companies who come from all over the world, providing all types of businesses from varying industries with high performing offshore teams and flexible, forward-thinking workspaces that support their growth in operations.

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Working with us

KMC provides quality employment opportunities for jobseekers looking for work that is both challenging and fulfilling.

If you're a rockstar at what you do and wish to be part of our amazing story, we want to hear from you!

Offering more than just attractive compensation packages, KMC is committed to finding the right opportunities best suited for you and advocates about your growth as a professional. We want to help you achieve our philosophy of flexible living, through being part of our nurturing and inclusive community. With a decade of providing the most flexible work solutions to a diverse range of businesses under its belt, KMC Solutions continues to provide dynamic flexible workspaces and high caliber teams through the limit-defying people behind the scenes.

Staying true to KMC’s core values, our dedicated team is continually striving to create innovative solutions for the modern business landscape.

Grow along with a team that leads others towards success as you complete your own success story with KMC.

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Work + Life

Flexibility in the way you live

Our vision for the modern-day workforce is to empower them to run the day and not let their days run them. Therefore, KMC strives to create an ecosystem of solutions that enable our whole community to lead a flexible lifestyle. Continuously making innovations in the pursuit of making work + life better, more integrated, and more easily attainable.

We create experiences and environments that foster connections which results in impactful game-changing opportunities for everyone.

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Our Community

We work hard and party harder

We work hard and party harder while still being devoted to putting our best foot forward in all that we do at KMC. Everyone is encouraged to be a multi-faceted individual truly embodying the flexible work + life KMC advocates for.

Being a part of this tight-knit community lends itself to multiple opportunities for growth and learning sessions, mind and body activities that promote health & wellness, as well as access to after-hours events to help wind down.

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